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    750W Desoldering Station, Variable Temperature

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    750W desoldering station with an air gun and soldering iron. Variable temperature control allows the desoldering station to handle a wide range of electronic components and solder joints with precision and ease.
    SKU: ATO-DS-812
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    Buy a desoldering station online at a low price, complete with soldering gun and soldering iron. The 750W desoldering station is equipped with a variety of interchangeable air nozzles, allowing you to adapt to different soldering tasks and component sizes.


    Model ATO-DS-812
    Dual Screen Digital display Yes
    Auto Shutoff Yes
    Power Consumption 770W
    Melting Time 6-8s
    Dimension 170*130*100mm
    Net Weight 536g
    Soldering Iron
    Power 72W
    Output Voltage DC 24V
    Control Method Knob Adjustment
    Display Form Dual-screen digital display
    Temperature Control Range 100-480°C
    Handle Cable Length 1.2 Meters
    Soldering Iron Length 139mm
    Soldering Gun
    Airflow Type Gentle Brushless Blower
    Power Consumption 700W
    Air Flow ≤ 120L /min
    Temperature Range 100- 550°C
    Wind Way Whirlwind
    Display Form Digital Display
    Noise ≤45dB
    Handle Cable Length 1 Meter


    • Precision and Control: 750W desoldering station offers precise and controlled solder removal.
    • Temperature Control: Desoldering stations feature adjustable temperature controls, allowing users to set the optimal temperature for different soldering tasks.
    • Vacuum Suction: A desoldering station is a built-in vacuum suction mechanism.
    • Noise Reduction Design: The nozzle spiral guide air can reduce the noise, not direct blowing work, heating air more uniform and stable.


    Desoldering station details

    Soldering iron handel details


    The application areas of a desoldering station include electronic repair and rework, circuit board maintenance, and soldering/desoldering components for various electronic devices.

    Desoldering station applications

    Tips: How does a desoldering station work?

    A desoldering station is a tool used to remove solder from electronic components or printed circuit boards (PCBs). It typically consists of a heating element, a vacuum pump, and a nozzle. Here's a general overview of how a desoldering station works:

    • Heating: The desoldering station heats up the solder joint to melt the solder. It usually has an adjustable temperature control to set the appropriate temperature based on the type of solder being used and the component being desoldered. The heating element, often a ceramic heater, rapidly raises the temperature.
    • Vacuum Suction: Once the solder is melted, the vacuum pump or a built-in suction mechanism is activated. The vacuum creates a low-pressure area, sucking in the melted solder. The vacuum pump is typically equipped with a motor that generates suction and a filter to prevent debris from entering the pump.
    • Nozzle Placement: The desoldering station has a detachable nozzle that is placed over the solder joint. The nozzle is designed to fit tightly around the component or pin being desoldered. It creates a seal to ensure that the vacuum can effectively remove the molten solder.
    • Solder Removal: As the vacuum pump is activated, the low-pressure area created pulls the melted solder up through the nozzle and into a collection chamber or tube. The solder is effectively sucked away from the component or PCB, clearing the solder joint.
    • Cooling and Solidification: After the solder has been removed, the desoldering station typically continues to provide heat to the joint for a short duration to ensure any residual solder is completely melted. Then, the heat is gradually reduced to allow the molten solder to cool and solidify. This helps prevent accidental movement or damage to the components during the desoldering process.

    It's important to note that different desoldering stations may have variations in their design and features, but the overall principle remains the same. Desoldering stations are commonly used in electronics repair, prototyping, and other applications where the removal of solder is required.

    Existing reviews of 750W Desoldering Station, Variable Temperature
    A tool worth investing in
    The desoldering station 750watt is reliable and durable, the temperature adjustments are precise and responsive, saving time and effort and ensuring the successful completion of my projects, it is a tool worth investing in.
    From: Isaac | Date: 18/10/2023
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