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    800W Desoldering Station, Variable Temperature

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    Powerful desoldering station is equipped with a double LED digital display, variable temperature control, and a two-in-one heat core iron tip for fast heat-up. 800W desoldering station is equipped with 7 sets of interchangeable nozzles, allowing the user to adapt to different soldering tasks and component sizes.
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    800W desoldering station uses an advanced temperature control system to achieve the precise desoldering effect. 2-in-1 desoldering station with a soldering gun and soldering iron. ATO desoldering station has a fast heating function that allows you to quickly remove solder from circuit boards and components, enhancing work efficiency.


    Model ATO-DS-8210
    Dual Screen Digital display Yes
    Auto Shutoff Yes
    Power Consumption 820W
    Melting Time 1s
    Dimension 170*130*100mm
    Net Weight 536g
    Soldering Iron
    Power 120W
    Output Voltage DC 24V
    Control Method Knob Adjustment
    Display Form Dual-screen digital display
    Temperature Control Range 100-400°C
    Handle Cable Length 1.5 Meters
    Soldering Iron Length 43mm
    Soldering Gun
    Airflow Type Gentle Brushless Blower
    Power Consumption 700W
    Air Flow ≤ 120L /min
    Temperature Range 100- 550°C
    Wind Way Whirlwind
    Display Form Digital Display
    Noise ≤45dB
    Handle Cable Length 1 Meter


    • Precision and Control: 800W desoldering station offers precise and controlled solder removal.
    • Temperature Control: Desoldering stations feature adjustable temperature controls, allowing users to set the optimal temperature for different soldering tasks.
    • Vacuum Suction: A desoldering station is a built-in vacuum suction mechanism.
    • Noise Reduction Design: The nozzle spiral guide air can reduce the noise, not direct blowing work, heating air more uniform and stable.


    Desoldering station details

    Soldering iron handel details


    The application areas of a desoldering station include electronic repair and rework, circuit board maintenance, and soldering/desoldering components for various electronic devices.

    Desoldering station applications

    Tips: Can I use a desoldering station for both through-hole and surface mount components?

    Yes, most desoldering stations are designed to handle both through-hole and surface mount components. However, the specific desoldering tips and techniques may vary depending on the component type. It's essential to select the appropriate desoldering tip and adjust the temperature settings accordingly for optimal results.

    Please note that these FAQs provide general information about desoldering stations. It's always recommended to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions and details regarding a particular desoldering station model.

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    Stable performance and is good value
    After bought this desoldering station, my soldering efficiency has greatly improved. The parameter variable temperature function is very practical, has stable performance and is good value for money.
    From: Faolan | Date: 23/10/2023
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