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    3/4 HP 8 CFM/9 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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    Affordable price 3/4 HP oil-flooded vacuum pump with 1-stage rotary vane design, offers 8 CFM or 9 CFM free air displacement with 5 Pa ultimate vacuum, low noise, high durability and efficiency, ideal for air conditioning, refrigeration and so on.
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    Durable and efficient 3/4 hp vacuum pump features single-stage rotary vane design, delivering a high flow rating 8 CFM or 9 CFM flow and 5 Pa ultimate vacuum, good performance and long use life.


    • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy casing
    • Direct dirve motor with full copper wire structure, easy starting and strong construction
    • Non-slip top handle for portability
    • Built-in high-volume cooling fan to provide thermal protection and extend service life
    • Big oil sight glass for viewing oil level
    • Oil drain plug at the bottom of oil reservior for fast draining
    • Oil anti-back valve designto prevent oil from flowing back to pollute the pump system when the pump stops.
    • Large torque design makes the vacuum pump easy to startup, even under low temperature environment (5℃) or low voltage.

    Applications: The 1-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used for vacuum packaging, vacuum freezing, automobile maintenance, HVAC work, air conditioning, refrigeration and other vacuum evacuation.


    Model ATO-RS-4
    Structure Single stage vacuum pump
    Voltage 110V 60Hz 220V 50Hz
    Free Air Displacement 9 CFM 8 CFM
    Ultimate Vacuum 5 Pa / 0.05 mbar
    Rotating Speed 1720 rpm 1440 rpm
    Power 3/4 hp
    Oil Capacity 300 mL
    Dimension 360x135x270 mm
    Weight 19kg

    Vacuum Pump Details

    Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Details Introduction

    Tips: Troubleshooting Smoke and Oil Injection of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

    It refers to smoke or oil injection of rotary vane vacuum pump at the air outlet during operation.

    1. Smoke: if the pump has just started to operate, the smoke phenomenon is normal. If the smoke lasts for a long time, it is abnormal.
    Solution: Check the air inlet of the vacuum pump, including pipe, valve, and container whether there needs repairing.

    2. Oil injection indicates that there are a large number of leakage points outside the air inlet, or even the air inlet is exposed to the atmosphere.
    Solution: Seal the air inlet of the pump to let it run, and if there is no spray oil, there is a leak point; check whether the exhaust valve disc is damaged, and if so, replace the broken exhaust valve disc.

    Existing reviews of 3/4 HP 8 CFM/9 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    Rotary vane vacuum pump can work efficiently
    This rotary vane vacuum pump does an excellent job of pulling vacuum. I found that it works very efficiently and runs quietly, and it can pull out the vacuum in a few minutes.
    From: Ziani | Date: 03/08/2021
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