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    1/3 HP 2.5 CFM/3 CFM 2 Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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    Compact and light 1/3 HP oil-sealed vacuum pump has 2-stage rotary vane design, 2.5 CFM or 3 CFM flow rate, constructed with strong copper motor, internal cooling fan, convenient top carring handle, easy to operate and maintain.
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    1/3 HP 2.5 CFM/3 CFM two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump features small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and low price.


    • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy casing
    • Direct dirve motor with full copper wire structure, easy starting and strong construction
    • Non-slip top handle for portability
    • Built-in high-volume cooling fan to provide thermal protection and extend service life
    • Big oil sight glass for viewing oil level
    • Oil drain plug at the bottom of oil reservior for fast draining
    • Oil anti-back valve designto prevent oil from flowing back to pollute the pump system when the pump stops.
    • Large torque design makes the vacuum pump easy to startup, even under low temperature environment (5℃) or low voltage.

    Applications: The 2-stage oil-flooded rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in food packaging, scientific research, medical treatment, laboratories, automobile reparation, gas analysis, medicine mechanism, printing mechanism and other vacuum evacuation.


    Model ATO-2RS-1
    Structure Two stage vacuum pump
    Voltage 110V 60Hz 220V 50Hz
    Free Air Displacement 3 CFM 2.5 CFM
    Ultimate Vacuum 2*10^-1Pa / 1.5micron
    Rotating Speed 3500 rpm 2800 rpm
    Power 1/3 hp
    Oil Capacity 250 mL
    Dimension 280x110x215 mm
    Weight 9kg

    Vacuum Pump Details

    Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Details Introduction

    Tips: Troubleshooting Vacuum Reduction of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

    Here refers to the current measured vacuum of the rotary vane vacuum pump is lower than the factory index or the previous use of the vacuum. There are many causes of low vacuum.
    1. The grade of rotary vane vacuum pump oil added this time is different from the original one. Different vacuum pump oil grades can affect the vacuum produced by the vacuum pump due to different grades of oil have different saturation vapor pressure.
    Solution: use the correct vacuum pump oil according to the product model and specification.
    2. Another case of low vacuum caused by vacuum pump oil is emulsified discoloration of vacuum pump oil, or too dirty.
    Solution: drain out all vacuum pump oil in the pump, replace the same type of vacuum pump oil, and prevent the vapor and impurities in the pumped from entering the pump.
    3. The temperature of the pumped gas may be too high.
    Solution: reduce the temperature of the pumped gas, or can add a corresponding heat exchanger.
    4. The oil channel in the pump is blocked or not free, and a certain amount of oil is not maintained in the pump chamber.
    Solution: check if the oil line is clear, and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.
    5. The gap between the vane and the stator is large. This is because the dust contained in the pumped gas for a long time causes the wear of the vane and the stator to increase the gap between them.
    Solution: check if the gap is too large and replace the parts.

    Existing reviews of 1/3 HP 2.5 CFM/3 CFM 2 Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    I would recommend this pump
    I purchased this several days ago for use on auto a/c system.  I compared a lot of products before ordering this one. It works better than I expected. So far so good. I would recommend this pump!
    From: Leo | Date: 30/03/2022
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