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    8" Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

    The 8 inch pneumatic knife gate valve has a one-piece structure with full bore circulation and good sealing performance. 200mm stainless steel knife gate valve is available for dust, sewage pulp, sewage, coal slurry and other media. Pneumatic knife gate valve wide used in chemical, liquefied petroleum gas, car and ship manufacturing equipment, beer, pharmaceutical, electric power and other industries.
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    8" stainless steel pneumatic knife gate valve has strong cut-off force and self-cleaning function for fibrous particle fluids. The knife gate valve is suitable for horizontal and inclined installation. The pneumatic knife gate valve is mostly used for applications requiring fast cut-off or opening.


    • Double Acting: Ventilation On, Ventilation Off; Maintain current position in case of air source failure.
    • Single Acting AC, Air-Open: Ventilation On, Air Disconnected; Close on air source failure.
    • Single Acting AC, Air-Close: Ventilation Off, Air Disconnected; Open on air source failure.


    • Drive mode: Pneumatic
    • Nominal Diameter: 8 Inch (DN200)
    • The direction of Flow: Unidirectional default (Please contact us for bidirectional)
    • Seal Material:  Stainless steel 304 (Other materials please contact us)
    • Number of Gates: Single gates
    • Connection Mode: Flange/plummer/wafer
    • Working Pressure: 1.0MPa~1.6MPa (PN10-PN25)
    • Air Source: 2.5bar-8bar
    • Medium: Slurry, material, viscous fluid
    • Working Temperature: -30-300°C
    • Sealing Material:  PTFE, metal hard seal, hard alloy
    • Medium Temperature: -20~ 150C
    • Mode of Action: Double acting, single acting normally closed, single acting normally open


    • The 8 inch pneumatic knife gate valve adopts a one-piece structure, ultra-thin design, full-diameter flow, and is not prone to leakage, with convenient disassembly and assembly.
    • The stainless steel knife gate valve has good sealing performance, strong wear resistance, automatic compensation, and long service life.
    • The fixed guide claw design, replacement groove structure, and is not easy to accumulate and prevents jamming.
    • The double-bearing design has low torque, frequent opening and closing, no vibration, and no noise.
    • The pneumatic knife gate valve has strong cutting force and self-cleaning function, and is suitable for fiber particle fluid.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Pneumatic knife gate valve dimension

    DN D D1 D2 b L z-d n-m
    200 335mm 295mm 265mm 23mm 60mm 6-22 2-M20



    Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve Details


    Knife gate valves are generally used for the circulation of media such as paper pulp, coal ash, chemical materials, sewage, and foodstuffs. ATO knife gate valve has the remarkable advantages of light switch, good sealing, good elastic memory, and long service life. It can be widely used in water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, light textile, electric power, ship metallurgy, energy system and another body pipeline as a regulating and intercepting device.Knife gate valve application

    Tips: How to maintain the pneumatic knife gate valve?

    • Clean the valve regularly:  Dust, debris, and other particles can get trapped in the valve, which can lead to clogging and reduced performance. Clean the valve regularly to keep it in good working condition.
    • Check for leaks:  Inspect the valve for any signs of leaks, such as air escaping from the body or diaphragm. If you find a leak, repair it immediately to avoid further damage to the valve.
    • Lubricate moving parts:  Pneumatic knife gate valves have moving parts that need to be lubricated regularly to prevent wear and tear. Use a high-quality lubricant that is specifically designed for pneumatic valves.
    • Replace the diaphragm:  Over time, the diaphragm can become damaged or worn out. Replace the diaphragm if it shows signs of damage or wear.
    • Calibrate the valve:  Regularly calibrate the valve to ensure that it is functioning properly. This involves checking the valve's response time and pressure settings.
    • Check the air supply: Ensure that the air supply to the valve is of the correct pressure and quality. Poor air quality can lead to reduced performance and even damage to the valve.
    • Store properly:  When the valve is not in use, store it properly to protect it from damage. This may involve covering it with a protective cover or storing it in a dry, cool place.
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