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    80-100 kg Retractable Spring Balancer

    Buy factory price retractable spring balancer for lifting operation. It is a mechanical device to support and balance the weight of suspended tools, equipment, or objects in industrial settings, load capacity 80 – 100 kg, with 1.5m (L) x 5mm (dia.) wire rope. This retractable spring balancers are commonly used in assembly lines, workshops, and manufacturing environments.
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    Retractable spring balancers are commonly used in assembly lines, workshops, and manufacturing environments where tools or equipment need to be suspended for prolonged periods. They enhance workplace safety by preventing accidents caused by lifting heavy loads.


    Model ATO-EW-3.0
    Load Capacity Min. 80kg
    Max. 100kg
    Wire Rope Length 1.5m
    Diameter 5mm
    Weight 22kg


    Retractable spring balancer details

    Tips: What is the capacity of retractable spring balancer?

    A retractable spring balancer is a mechanical device designed to assist in the lifting and balancing of loads, reducing the strain on the operator. It operates based on the principle of counterbalancing the weight of the load with the tension of a spring. The capacity of a spring balancer refers to the maximum weight it can effectively handle.

    Spring balancers are available in a range of capacities to accommodate different load requirements. The capacity of a retractable spring balancer is typically indicated in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb). The specific capacity can vary widely depending on the design and size of the balancer.

    Common capacities for spring balancers range from a few kilograms to several hundred kilograms, or from a few pounds to several hundred pounds. The choice of the appropriate capacity depends on factors such as the weight of the load being lifted, the required range of motion, and the desired level of balance and control.

    It is important to select a spring balancer with a suitable capacity to ensure safe and efficient lifting operations while maximizing the lifespan of the device.

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