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    30-40 kg Retractable Spring Balancer

    Favorable price retractable spring balancer for lifting operation. It is a mechanical device to support and balance the weight of suspended tools, equipment, or objects in industrial settings, load capacity 30 – 40 kg, with 1.5m (L) x 5mm (dia.) wire rope.
    SKU: ATO-RSB-3040KG
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    The retractable spring balancer allows you to easily adjust the length of the hanging cable, enabling the object to be positioned at the desired height and preventing it from falling or causing strain on the operator.


    Model ATO-EW-40
    Load Capacity Min. 30kg
    Max. 40kg
    Wire Rope Length 1.5m
    Diameter 5mm
    Weight 10kg


    Retractable spring balancer details

    Tips: How to choose a retractable spring balancer?

    Choosing a retractable spring balancer involves considering several key factors. First, determine the load capacity required for your specific application. Assess the weight of the object or tool you want to suspend and select a spring balancer with a suitable capacity range.

    Next, consider the working range and stroke length needed. Ensure that the balancer can accommodate the vertical movement required for your task.

    Evaluate the safety features provided by the spring balancer, such as built-in overload protection mechanisms or locking systems, to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

    Consider the durability and quality of the balancer, as it should withstand the demands of your working environment and have a long lifespan.

    Finally, take into account any specific requirements or preferences, such as mounting options, ease of adjustment, or additional features like cable management.

    By carefully assessing load capacity, working range, safety features, durability, and specific requirements, you can choose a suitable spring balancer that meets your needs and enhances productivity in your work environment.

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