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    15-22 kg Retractable Spring Balancer

    Cost-effective retractable spring balancer for sale. This spring balancer comes with 15 – 22 kg load capacity, 1.5m (L) x 5mm (dia.) wire rope, with is a mechanical device to support and balance the weight of suspended tools, equipment, or objects in industrial settings.
    SKU: ATO-RSB-1522KG
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    Retractable spring balancers are commonly used in assembly lines, workshops, and manufacturing environments where tools or equipment need to be suspended for prolonged periods. They enhance workplace safety by preventing accidents caused by lifting heavy loads.


    Model ATO-EW-22
    Load Capacity Min. 15kg
    Max. 22kg
    Wire Rope Length 1.5m
    Diameter 5mm
    Weight 7.6kg


    Retractable spring balancer details

    Tips: How does a retractable spring balancer work?

    A retractable spring balancer is a device designed to offset the weight of an object and make it easier to handle or manipulate. It operates on the principle of a helical spring, which stores potential energy when compressed or stretched. The spring balancer consists of a sturdy housing with an internal coiled spring and a suspension hook. The object to be balanced is attached to the hook, and the spring is adjusted to counterbalance its weight. As the object is raised or lowered, the spring expands or contracts, exerting a force opposite to the gravitational force acting on the object. This force allows the object to remain in a state of equilibrium at any desired position. By adjusting the tension of the spring, the user can control the balance and effortlessly move the object up or down, reducing strain and fatigue.

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