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    100-120 kg Retractable Spring Balancer

    Factory price retractable spring balancer with 100 – 120 kg load capacity, 1.5m (L) x 5mm (dia.) wire rope, is a mechanical device to support and balance the weight of suspended tools, equipment, or objects in industrial settings.
    SKU: ATO-RSB-100120KG
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    Industrial retractable spring balancer allows the user to easily adjust the length of the hanging cable, enabling the object to be positioned at the desired height and preventing it from falling or causing strain on the operator.


    Model ATO-EW-3.0
    Load Capacity Min. 100kg
    Max. 120kg
    Wire Rope Length 1.5m
    Diameter 5mm
    Weight 24kg


    Retractable spring balancer details

    Tips: What are the advantages of retractable spring balancer?

    Retractable spring balancers offer several advantages in various industries and work environments.

    • They provide ergonomic benefits by reducing operator fatigue and strain. The spring mechanism counterbalances the weight of tools, equipment, or loads, allowing them to be effortlessly lifted, lowered, and positioned with minimal effort.
    • Retractable spring balancers enhance safety by preventing accidental drops and minimizing the risk of injuries and damage to equipment. They keep tools and objects suspended at a consistent height, reducing the chances of them falling and causing accidents in busy or confined workspaces.
    • These balancers help improve productivity and efficiency. By eliminating the need for workers to manually lift and support heavy tools or equipment, they enable smoother and quicker operations. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime.
    • Retractable spring balancers promote organization and tidiness in the workplace. They keep tools and equipment suspended and out of the way when not in use, freeing up valuable workspace and reducing clutter.

    Overall, retractable spring balancers offer ergonomic, safety, productivity, and organizational benefits, making them valuable tools in various industries.

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