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    9 amp 3/4 Pole DC Coil Contactor, 12V/24V/48V/220V Coil

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    AC contactor is an DC controlled device used to switch current on and off, with 3 pole or 4 pole contact form, 9 amp rated current, making and breaking the connection between the power source and the load. 12V, 24V, 48V, 220V coil voltages are available.
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    Factory price DC contactor with 12V, 24V, 48V, 220V coil voltage, is designed for DC adjustable speed drive circuits which require a combination contact of normally open and normally closed. It works as to connect and break of the circuit load, which can fully meet the special demand of electric locomotive, diesel locomotive and electric motor car group.


    Model ATO-CJX2-09Z ATO-CJX2-09008Z
    Rated Current 9A AC
    Coil Rated Voltage (Optional) 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC
    Contact Form (Optional) 3 Pole (3NO)+1NO, 3 Pole (3NO)+1NC 4 Pole (2NO+2NC)
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz AC
    Rated Power (AC-3) 200-240V 2.2kW (3HP)
    380-440V 4kW (5.5HP)
    500-550V 5kW (7HP)
    600-690V 5.5kW (7.5HP)
    Conventional Thermal Current 25A
    Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH
    Dimensions 47 x 76 x 115mm 47 x 76 x 116mm
    Weight 0.5kg

    Circuits Diagram

    Circuit Diagram of 9 amp DC Contactor


    9 amp DC Contactor Details

    Tips for choosing a DC contactor

    The working principle of the DC contactor is similar to that of the AC contactor, but the magnetic field energy stored by the inductive load is released instantaneously when the DC is disconnected, and a high-energy arc is generated at the breaking point. Therefore, the DC contactor is required to have a certain arc extinguishing function. Medium or large-capacity DC contactors often adopt a single-break point flat layout overall structure, which is characterized by a long arc distance during breaking and an arc extinguishing grid inside the arc extinguishing cover. The small-capacity DC contactor adopts a three-dimensional arrangement structure with double break points.

    Pay attention to the following points when choosing a contactor.

    1. The rated voltage of the main contact ≥ the rated voltage of the load.
    2. The rated current of the main contact is ≥1.3 times the rated current of the load.
    3. Rated coil voltage. When the circuit is simple and uses less electrical appliances, you can choose 220V or 380V; when the circuit is complicated, use more electrical appliances or where it is not safe, you can choose 36V, 110V or 127V.
    4. The number and type of contacts of the contactor should meet the requirements of the control circuit.
    5. Operating frequency (number of contacts on and off per hour). When the on-off current is large and the on-off frequency exceeds the specified value, the contactor model with the rated current one level higher should be selected. Otherwise, the contacts will be severely heated, or even welded together, causing the motor and other loads to run without phase.
    Existing reviews of 9 amp 3/4 Pole DC Coil Contactor, 12V/24V/48V/220V Coil
    Great value!
    I took several images of the old switch before uninstalling it to ensure that I knew where all those wires went, and after making sure that all power to the unit was disconnected, I fitted this new double contactors switch to it. The wires made sense once I worked out what they did, and this switch works perfectly.
    Great value, so easy if you are confident with basic wiring. highly recommended!
    From: june | Date: 23/08/2022
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    Replaced an old, noisy contactor
    This is a great contact that I use for a tankless water heater system where I need to control when the heating elements are on or off. The contactor uses minimal power, as expected, to run the coils, thus not requiring a complexe switch to engage.
    From: Stults | Date: 29/06/2022
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    About your DC contactor.
    For your DC contatcors, it provides 1 auxillary point on the web site. Can you provide 2 auxillary points?
    From: Vaca | Date: 22/12/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, but the price will be a bit more for 2 auxiliaries.
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