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    90W AC Vibration Motor, 3 Phase, 2 Pole

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    3 Phase vibration motor power 90W, force 2 kN, 0.35 amp rated current, 2 pole, beautiful appearance, sturdy and shockproof, fully enclosed structure, the vibration motor shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance.
    SKU: ATO-AVM-MVE2003
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    Heavy duty vibration motor voltage AC 220V, 2 pole, 2900rpm speed, the vibration motor uses long-life bearings to ensure the mechanical reliability and stability of the motor.


    Model ATO-MVE2003
    Phase 3 Phase
    Pole 2 Pole
    Force 198 Kg, 2 kN
    Speed 2900 rpm
    Power 90W (0.09kW)
    Current 0.35A
    Voltage Class 220V
    Weight 7.6 kg
    Frame No. 20
    Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
    Protection Rank IP65
    Insulation Class F
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 Months

    90W 2 Pole Three Phase Vibration Motor Dimension (unit: mm)
    90W 3 phase vibration motor dimension

    A B C D E F G H I L M N Cable Gland
    62-74 106 231 131 159 15 9 64 121 123 45 86 M16*1.5

    3 Phase Vibration Motor Structure

    3 Phase vibration motor structure
    Tips: Why adjust the vibration force of the vibration motor?

    The exciting force of the vibrating motor is the centrifugal inertia force generated by the high-speed rotating eccentric mass. Change the eccentricity, thereby changing the amplitude of the exciting force, in order to achieve the effect of adjusting the exciting force. By adjusting the magnitude of the exciting force, the highest productivity can be achieved and the service life of the vibration motor can be prolonged.

    Existing reviews of 90W AC Vibration Motor, 3 Phase, 2 Pole
    Help me to choose the right motor
    Once again, thank you very much for your cooperation.
    The actual plate of the bottom sieve is not able to support the motor, as it has a thickness around 2 mm and a width around 50 mm. We are planning to reinforce it with a new plate able to support the motor and its vibration.
    Since we will apply a new plate to support/assemble the motor, there will be no problem concerning this. My doubt is if we need to assemble the motor with:
    • The longitudinal axe of the motor aligned with the direction of the product flow
    • The longitudinal axe of the motor 90 degrees with the direction of the product flow?
    Concerning the rotation of the motor, since we have a 100 W, 2-poles motor for other application, we can assemble it provisory and as we have a variable frequency drive, and we can check witch rotation has better performance (3000 or 1500 RPM) before order the new motor.
    I suppose that these motors can be operated under a variable frequency drive. Please confirm if I am right.
    After this confirmation, we are able to buy the right motor.
    From: lolly | Date: 09/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. The vibration motor can be installed horizontally on the bottom sieve. The longitudinal axe of the motor needs to be aligned with the direction of the product flow.
    2. Yes, this three-phase motor can use VFD to control speed regulation.
    The vibration motor works great on my machine
    After receiving the 90W vibration motor, the customer service was very patient and professional to guide me to install it. The vibrator is very smooth to use, and it works well with my machine. I will continue to buy it next time.
    From: russell | Date: 10/05/2022
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