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    95 amp Mechanical Interlock AC Contactor

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    Reversing contactor with mechanical interlock sale online with economical price, coil rated voltage 24V, 36V AC to 380V AC, 3 pole or 4 pole, built-in auxiliary contacts 2 normally closed allows for extended logic control operations. This magnetic AC contactor has simple structure to control an electrical power circuit.
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    High performance mechanical interlocking contactor is an electrically controlled switch constructed with a mechanical interlock and two revering contactor, which is used for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or control the motor.


    Model ATO-CJX2-95N
    Rated Operational Current 380V AC-3 95A
    AC-4 44A
    660V AC-3 49A
    AC-4 21.3A
    Conventional Heating Current 110A
    Rated Insulation Voltage 690V
    Power of Controllable 3-phase Squirrel-cage Motor (AC-3) 220V 25kW
    380V 45kW
    660V 55kW
    Operational Frequency Electric Life AC-3 600 times/h
    AC-4 150 times/h
    Mechanical Life 2400 times/h
    Service Life Electric Life (104 Operations) AC-3 60
    AC-4 10
    Mechanical Life (104 Operations) 600
    Matching Fusing Model RT16-125
    Average Power Consumption (20℃) @ 50Hz Pick-up 230VA
    Holding 32VA
    Contact Form (Optional) 3P (Additional 1NO Auxiliary Contact) or 4P
    Rail Size 35mm
    Ambient Temperature -5℃~+40℃
    Altittude ≤2000m
    Class of Pollution Class 3
    Installation Category
    Dimensions 205 x 128 x 127mm
    Weight 3.5kg


    AC contactors are widely used as power switching and control circuits. The main contacts are used to open and close the circuits, and the auxiliary contacts are used to execute control commands. The main contact generally has only a normally open contact, and the auxiliary contact often has two pairs of contacts with normally open and normally closed functions. Small contactors are often used as intermediate relays to cooperate with the main circuit. The contacts of the AC contactor are made of silver-tungsten alloy, which has good electrical conductivity and high temperature ablation resistance. The working principle of the AC contactor is to use the electromagnetic force and the spring force to cooperate to realize the connection and disconnection of the contacts. The AC contactor has two working states: power-off state (release state) and energized state (action state). When the attraction coil is energized, the static iron core generates electromagnetic attraction, the armature is attracted, and the connecting rod connected to the armature drives the contact action, so that the normally closed contact break contactor is in the energized state; when the attraction coil is de-energized, The electromagnetic attraction disappears, the armature is reopening, so that the normally open contact is closed, and released under the action of the position spring, all the contacts are reset accordingly, and the contactor is in a power-off state.

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    High quality 95amp AC contactor
    This 95amp AC contactor has been received and the packaging is intact. I opened it for a trial. It is of very good quality and will continue to be purchased in the future.
    From: Shew | Date: 03/01/2022
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