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    Analog Signal Isolator, DC 24V, 4-20mA/1-5V to 0-20mA/0-10V

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    Analog signal isolator has pluggable terminals, 13mm thickness, input/output isolation, fast response, low-power dissipation, low temperature drift. Signal isolator can connect to various types of signal acquisition device and industrial control device, such as PLC, analog acquisition card, VFD, power meter, electricity record meter, DCS, etc.
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    Signal isolator can convert 4-20mA/0-20mA signal to standard signal or other customized signal.


    Model ATO-SINIR-502H
    Weight 130g
    Dimension 108*13*121.2mm
    Type of signal * 4-20mA, 0-20mA
    Power supply DC 24V±10%
    Accuracy 0.15%FS
    Response time <5ms
    Number of input & output channels * 1 input channel & 1 output channel, 1 input channel & 2 output channels, 2 input channels & 2 output channels
    Power dissipation 1 output channel: <0.8W, 2 output channels: <1.5W
    Temperature drift 0.0075FS/℃
    Work environment Temperature: -10~+50℃, humidity: 25%-85%RH
    Power supply mode of input signal * External powered, loop powered
    Installation 35mm DIN rail

    Dimensional drawing:
    Analog signal isolator dimensional drawing

    Analog signal isolator wiring diagram

    Tips: How to choose the signal isolator
    The signal isolator is installed between two system channels, so the input and output functions shall be determined firstly when selecting an isolator. Meanwhile, the input and output mode (voltage mode, current mode, loop power supply mode) of the isolator shall adapt to the interface mode at the front and back channel. In addition, there are many important parameters also relate to product performance, such as accuracy, power dissipation, noise, insulation strength, bus communication. For example, noise relates with the accuracy, power dissipation relates with the reliability. Users should be careful when selection. All in all, main principle of choosing isolator is application, reliability and cost performance.

    Existing reviews of Analog Signal Isolator, DC 24V, 4-20mA/1-5V to 0-20mA/0-10V
    Signal isolators passed the test
    The purchased analog signal isolators have passed our company's internal testing, linearity, power consumption, and isolation effects are in line with the requirements. After the signal isolator is disassembled, we could see the circuit board structure is designed reasonably. If the size can be made smaller, the signal isolator will be even more perfect.
    From: Brayden | Date: 20/09/2018
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    Solve the problem of signal interference
    The 110kw power cable and signal line are very close. So the transmitter is disturbed. We used various methods to solve the problem but the signal was still disturbed. Until we use the 4-20mA analog signal isolator with 1 input channel
    From: Juan | Date: 18/09/2018
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