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    Cantilever Beam Load Cell, 500kg/1000kg/2 ton/3 ton/5 ton

    Cantilever beam load cell is a six-wire strain gauge tension and compression load cell with high accuracy and low price. Beam load cell has the standard size and fits to replace the same load cells of the mixing plant. ATO cantilever beam load cells are available for weight or force measurement from 500kg/1000kg/2 ton/3 ton to 5ton.
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    Cheap cantilever beam load cells have capacity range from 500kg/1000kg/2 ton/3 ton to 5 ton. Capacity of Load cell can be customized according to customer's requirements.

    After purchasing one ATO load cell, you can buy a special digital panel meter to obtain readings directly, or buy a transmitter to output standard signal to PLC, DCS and other systems. Customized output signal is 0-5V, 0-10V,0~±10V, or 4-20mA.


    Shipping Weight 1.1~5kg
    Capacity Range * 500kg/1000kg/2 ton/3 ton/5 ton
    Accuracy 0.03%F.S (linearity + hysteresis + repeatability)
    Sensitivity 2.0±0.1mV/V
    Creep ±0.02%F.S/30Min
    Zero Output ±1%F.S
    Temperature effect on zero ±0.002%F.S/10℃
    Temperature effect on output ±0.002%F.S/10℃
    Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
    Input Resistance 380±4Ω
    Output Resistance 350±1Ω
    Insulation Resistance ≥5000MΩ
    Safety Overload 150%FS
    Excitation Voltage DC 5-15V
    Material Alloy steel
    Protection Class IP67
    Cable Length 2m (<5ton), 5m (≥5ton)
    Wiring EXC+: Green, EXN+: Yellow, SIG+: White, EXC-: Black, EXN-: Blue, SIG-: Red.
    Shielded wire: Yellow.

    Cantilever beam load cell wiring diagram:

    Cantilever beam load cell wiring instruction

    Cantilever beam load cell dimensional drawing:

    Cantilever beam load cell dimension

    500kg to 5 ton cantilever beam load cell dimension

    Capacity Dimension (mm)
    A B C D E F G H
    500kg/1 ton 133.4 76.2 25.4 16.4 30.7 30 57.9 17
    2 ton 136.7 76.2 25.4 16.7 36.8 36.6 57.9 23
    3 ton 139.7 79.2 25.4 16.7 39 36.6 57.9 23
    5 ton 171.5 95.2 38.1 16.7 42.9 43 73.8 29.4
    Capacity Dimension (mm)
    K M N P Q S
    500kg/1 ton 4.8 12.7 22 15.9 3.1 7.7
    2 ton 9.5 12.7 22 15.9 3.1 11.7
    3 ton 9.5 15 22 15.9 3.1 11.7
    5 ton 11 19 34.9 22.2 3.1 11.7


    In this video, ATO will show you how to wire a strain gauge load cell with a display controller.

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