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    Circular Connector, 15/17/19 Pin, M26

    Circular connector has female plug & male socket, simple and firm locking mechanism, easy to seal, insert and dismantle. Aviation connector has 15/17/19 pin to select.
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    Circular connector has 15/17/19 pin to select.


    Model ATO-CIRC-P24
    Weight 0.5kg
    Coupling mode Threaded coupling
    Shell material Zinc base alloys with chromeplate
    Insert material Bakelite
    Contact material Copper (silver plating or gold plating)
    Termination Solder
    Mating cycle 500 times
    Temperature range -20~+85℃
    Cable diameter ≤Φ7~≤Φ13mm
    Protection class IP55

    Technology parameter:

    Number of pins 15 17 19
    Rated current/voltage 5A-250V 5A-250V 5A-250V
    Operating voltage AC 300V AC 300V AC 300V
    Withstanding voltage (in 1 minute) AC 1500V AC 1500V AC 1500V
    Insulation resistance at DC 500V (MΩ) 2000 2000 2000
    Contact resistance at 1A (MΩ) 5 5 5
    Solder cup diameter Ф (mm) 1.2 1.2 1.2
    Pin diameter Ф (mm) 1 1 1

    Pin assignments:
    Circular connector 15-17-19 pin m26 pin assignments
    Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):

    Circular connector 15-17-19 pin m26 dimensional drawing
    Note: Dust cap is not in the packing list.
    Tips: Work environment of circular connector
    Environmental temperature and work temperature: The metal materials and insulating materials of circular connector determine its environmental temperature or work temperature. High temperature can damage insulating materials and lead to decreased insulation resistance and withstand voltage resistance. High temperature can deprive elasticity of metal elastic contact pairs, and accelerate their oxidization and coating deterioration.
    Corrosion environment: In the salt-spray environment, circular connector lack of corrosion resistant metal surface can lead to the rapid deterioration of performance. The connector with silver plating contact pairs is not suitable for the environment with a certain concentration of SO2. In the wet and hot environment, mildew is important problem. In such environments, the circular connector with salt fog and mould resistant performance must be chose. The circular connector with highest level of salt fog resistant performance should be chose in maritime environment.


    In the video, ATO will take 5 pin M16 circular connector for circular connector assembly instructions.

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