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    DC Analog Ammeter, 0-100A, 75 mV

    0-100A DC analog ammeter with affordable price for sale online. The base plate of analog amp meter uses PC flame-retardant plastic. Analog ammeter is widey used in electrical test, basic circuit analysis and battery monitoring. Small size and light weight, making analog ammeter easy to carry.
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    Analog ammeters are simple to use and provide continuous real-time readings. It employs a traditional mechanical mechanism to display current readings on a circular dial or scale.


    • Needle and Scale Display. The most prominent feature of an analog ammeter is its needle or pointer that moves across a calibrated scale. The position of the needle indicates the amp being measured.
    • Analog Technology. Analog ammeters use analog components such as moving coils, magnets, and springs to create the mechanism that translates amp into needle movement.
    • Range Selection. Analog ammeters often come with multiple amp measurement ranges. Users can select the appropriate range based on the expected amp to achieve better accuracy and resolution.


    • Model: YT72
    • Measuring Range: DC 0-100A (other range, contact us)
    • Accuracy Class: 1.5
    • Display Type: analog only
    • Overload Ratio: 100%
    • Damping Time: ≤4s
    • Operating Temperature: 0-55 ℃
    • Mode of Installation: mounted perpendicular to horiaaontal
    • Weight: 1 kg

    Wiring Diagram:

    DC analog ammeter wiring diagram 100a


    DC analog ammeter dimension 100a

    Tips: What are the Disadvantages of DC Analog Ammeter?

    • Accuracy and Precision. Analog ammeters are generally less accurate and precise compared to digital ammeters. The readings on analog ammeters can be affected by factors like parallax error (due to viewing angle), inaccuracies in the scale markings, and mechanical wear and tear over time.
    • Limited Scale Range. Analog ammeters have a limited scale range, which means they are designed to measure a specific range of current values. If the current being measured exceeds the scale range of the ammeter, the needle can become pegged against the end of the scale, making it difficult to accurately read the current value.
    • Response Time. Analog ammeters typically have a slower response time compared to digital ammeters. The needle on an analog ammeter may take some time to settle and provide a stable reading, especially when measuring rapidly changing currents.
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