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    DC Analog Voltmeter, 2V-200V

    High quality and reasonable price DC voltmeter for sale online. The shell of the analog voltmeter adopts with ABS flame-retardant plastic. Analog voltmeter gauge is stable and reliable. The measuring range of this analog voltmeter is 2V-200V. Analog DC voltmeter often used in the electronic industry and machinery industry.
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    An analog DC voltmeter is a measurement instrument used to quantify the magnitude of direct current (DC) voltage in electrical circuits. It employs a moving pointer or needle on a calibrated scale to indicate voltage levels.


    • Needle and Scale Display. The most prominent feature of an analog voltmeter is its needle or pointer that moves across a calibrated scale. The position of the needle indicates the voltage being measured.
    • Analog Technology. Analog voltmeters use analog components such as moving coils, magnets, and springs to create the mechanism that translates voltage into needle movement.
    • Range Selection. Analog voltmeters often come with multiple voltage measurement ranges. Users can select the appropriate range based on the expected voltage to achieve better accuracy and resolution.


    • Model: YT-48
    • Measuring Range: DC 2-200V (other range, contact us)
    • Accuracy Class: 2.5
    • Display Type: analog only
    • Overload Ratio: 100%
    • Damping Time: ≤4s
    • Operating Temperature: 0-55 ℃
    • Mode of Installation: mounted perpendicular to horiaaontal
    • Weight: 1 kg

    Wiring Diagram:

    Analog dc voltmeter wiring diagram


    DC analog voltmeter dimensions

    Tips: What are the Advantages of Analog DC Voltmeter?

    • Instantaneous Readings. Analog voltmeters provide real-time readings without the need for digital conversion and processing. The needle on the analog display moves in direct proportion to the voltage being measured, allowing for quick and easy interpretation of the voltage level.
    • Simplicity. Analog DC voltmeters are relatively simple devices compared to their digital counterparts. They often have fewer components, making them robust and less prone to malfunctions due to issues like power supply fluctuations or electromagnetic interference.
    • Low Power Consumption. Analog meters do not require power-hungry digital displays or processing circuits. This can be advantageous in situations where conserving power is important, such as in remote or battery-operated systems.
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