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    Digital Conductivity Meter for Online Measurement, 4-20mA/RS485

    Digital conductivity meter has functions of automatic temperature compensation, automatic alarm for upper and lower limits, isolated analog signal output 4-20mA, RS485 remote communication, power-down memory, etc. Conductivity meter adopts anti-static metal paint, sealed waterproof back cover and sealed waterproof joints can improve anti-interference ability, anti-corrosion ability and stability. Online conductivity meter and matched 4 conductivity electrodes have measuring range from 0.02μS/cm~0.02mS/cm to 0.02mS/cm~20mS/cm, can be used for online conductivity monitoring of different liquids such as pure water, tap water, sewage, and concentrated liquid.
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    Digital conductivity meter with matched conductivity electrodes has measuring range from 0.02μS/cm~0.02mS/cm to 0.02mS/cm~20mS/cm, L/H alarm, analog output 4-20mA and RS485 communication function.


    Model ATO-CDTYM-TDS210-B
    Shipping weight 1.5kg
    Dimension 96*96*132mm (H*W*D), with hole size 92.5*92.5mm
    Measuring range * Conductivity electrode (K=0.01): 0.02~20.00μS/cm
    Conductivity electrode (K=0.1): 0.2~200.0μS/cm
    Conductivity electrode (K=1.0): 2~2000μS/cm
    Conductivity electrode (K=10.0): 20~20000μS/cm (0.02~20mS/cm)
    Accuracy ±1%FS
    Stability ±1%FS/24h
    Temperature compensation -10~+130℃ (14~266℉) manual/automatic
    Temperature sensor * NTC10K or PT1000, accuracy: ±0.5℃
    Display 2.4" LCD display
    Output signal 2 relay outputs with capacity 250VAC/3A
    4-20mA analog output
    RS485 output with standard MODBUS-RTU
    Power supply 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz

    Conductivity electrode dimension:

    Electrode constant Electrode material Length below thread Diameter Diameter of measuring hole Thread
    K=0.01 Stainless steel 77mm 13mm 6mm 1/2NPT
    K=0.1 Stainless steel 59mm 13mm 6mm 1/2NPT
    K=1.0 Stainless steel 59mm 13.5mm 6mm 1/2NPT
    K=10.0 Polysulfone 69.5mm 23.3mm 6mm 3/4NPT

    Reference diagram for electrode selection:
    Digital conductivity meter and electrode selection diagram
    Tips: Application of digital conductivity meter

    1. Conductivity measurement of RO membrane equipment: Digital conductivity meter is suitable for monitoring the conductivity of liquids such as pure water and raw water during the processing of various RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane equipments.
    2. Conductivity measurement of water and fertilizer: Online conductivity meter can measure the conductivity value of the solution and feed back the signal to the PLC to achieve the precise ratio of water and fertilizer and effectively reduce waste.
    3. Process measurement of conductivity: Monitor the change of liquid conductivity during ultrasonic cleaning, circulating water in air conditioning, and electroplating production, and can set upper and lower limits to achieve automatically alarm.
    4. Environmental water quality monitoring: It is suitable for on-line monitoring of liquid conductivity of tap water, seawater and sewage exhaust outlets, and data can be transmitted with MODBUS via RS485.
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