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    Digital Earth Resistance Tester, 0.010Ω to 1200Ω

    Order an earth resistance tester with a measurement range of 0.010Ω to 1200Ω on Earth testing meter is a clamp-on ground tester that can accurately test ground resistance, suitable for grounding system measurements in power systems, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields and buildings.
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    Clamp-on ground resistance tester is designed for measuring earth resistance and loop resistance of electric power, telecommunication, meteorology, oil field, building and industrial electrical equipment. Low price digital earth tester comes with a  0.010Ω~1200Ω measurement range, 0.00mA~20.0A current range and a sound and light alarm, data storage and retention function.


    • Digital earth resistance tester is a high-quality ground resistance tester, available with a 32mm clamp and 0.010Ω~1200Ω measure range.
    • Ground resistance tester is a non-contact measurement, which is safe and fast. When measuring the loop grounding system, there is no need to disconnect the grounding lead and the auxiliary grounding electrode.
    • The clamp ground resistance tester can measure ground faults that cannot be measured by traditional methods and is suitable for occasions where traditional methods cannot be used.
    • The LCD of the earth testing meter clearly displays the measurement data in high definition, and the data can be displayed in a backlight.


    Model ATO-ERT-2000C+
    Resistance Range 0.010Ω~1200Ω
    Current Range 0.00mA~20.0A
    Clamp Size 65mm×32mm
    Tester Size 285mm×85mm×56mm 
    Resistance Tester Weight 2.3kg (including accessories)
    Power Supply 6V DC ( 4 PCS of No.5 Alkaline dry batteries)
    Single Measurement Time 0.5 second
    LCD Screen 4 Digits LCD display,  47mm×28.5mm
    Data Memory 99 groups
    Audible And Visible Alarm “du—du—du” for alarming, press AL to turn on/off
    Alarm Threshold Setting Range Resistance: 1-199Ω, Current: 1-499mA
    Jaw Opening Size 32mm
    Protection Class Double insulation
    Shift Automatically
    Accessories Resistance Tester: 1PCS; Test Ring: 1PCS; Instrument Case: 1PCS
    Clamp Meter Weight About 1100g (including battery)

    Resistance Measurement Accuracy

    Range Resolution Accuracy
    0.010Ω-0.099Ω 0.001Ω ±(1%rdg+0.01Ω)
    0.10Ω-0.99Ω 0.01Ω ±(1%rdg+0.01Ω)
    1.0Ω-49.9Ω 0.1Ω ±(1%rdg+0.12)
    50.0Ω-99.5Ω 0.5Ω ±(1.5%rdg+0.5)
    100Ω-199Ω ±(2%rdg+1Ω)
    200Ω-395Ω ±(5%rdg+5Ω
    400-590Ω 10Ω ±(10%rdg+10Ω)
    600Ω-880Ω 20Ω ±(20%rdg+20Ω)
    900Ω-1200Ω 30Ω ±(25%rdg+30Ω)

    Current Measurement Accuracy

    Range Resolution Accuracy
    0.00mA-9.95mA 0.05mA ±(2.5%rdg+1mA)
    10.0mA-99.0mA 0.1mA ±(2.5%rdg+5mA)
    100mA-300mA 1mA ±(2.5%rdg+10mA)
    0.30A-2.99A 0.01A ±(2.5%rdg+0.1A)
    3.0A-9.9A 0.1 A ±(2.5%rdg+0.3A)
    10.0A-20.0A 0.1A ±(2.5%rdg+0.5A)


    Earth resistance tester details


    ATO provides earth resistance testers with a measurement range of 0.00Ω-300kΩ, which are widely used in ground resistance measurement and loop resistance measurement in fields such as electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction, and industrial electrical equipment. When measuring the grounding system with a loop, the ground resistance tester does not need auxiliary electrodes and does not need to disconnect the grounding wire, which is safer and faster.

    Clamp earth resistance tester applicationsTips: What is the earth resistance tester used for?

    • The earth resistance tester can measure the grounding impedance, grounding resistance and grounding reactance of large grounding grids.
    • The earth resistance tester accurately measures the surface potential gradient in the large-scale grounding grid area.
    • Digital earth resistance tester can measure the contact potential difference, contact voltage, step potential difference and step voltage of large grounding grids.
    • The earth resistance tester is used to measure the transfer potential of large-scale grounding grids and soil resistivity, and the on-resistance of the grounding down-conductor.
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