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    Digital Differential Pressure Manometer, ±39 kPA

    Digital differential pressure manometer comes with a generous 3.45 kPa range, can record the pressure value within a period of time and generate the maximum/minimum/average value. It's the perfect tool for professionals who demand accuracy and dependability in their pressure measurements.
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    This digital differential pressure manometer offers unparalleled accuracy, making it an ideal choice for applications that demand precise pressure measurements. Whether you're in HVAC, pharmaceuticals, or industrial processes, this device ensures you get reliable data every time.


    • Model: ATO-SW-512B
    • Measuring Range: ±39.99 kPA
    • Accuracy: ±1%FS
    • Limit Maximum Pressure: 79.9 kPA
    • Repeatability: ±0.25%FS
    • Response Time: 0.5S
    • Pressure Connection: 1/8” (3.18mm) quick connector
    • Working Temperature and Humidity: 0°C ~40°C, 10% ~ 80% RH
    • Storage Temperature and Humidity: -10°C ~ 60°C 10% ~ 90% RH
    • Over Range Prompt: Err1 or Err2
    • Battery: 3x1.5V AAA
    • Weight: 120g
    • Dimension:138.5x63. 5x27mm


    • The digital manometer has 11 unit conversion modes, including kPA, mmHg, inHg, psi, mbar, bar, ozin2, kgcm2, inH2O, ftH2O, and cmH2O.
    • ATO digital manometer can record pressure values over a period of time and generate maximum, minimum, and average values.
    • Differential pressure manometer features a backlit mode, enabling effortless detection even in dark environments.
    • Digital manometers offer high levels of accuracy and precision in measuring pressure. 


    Differential pressure manometer details


    The digital differential pressure manometer can measure differential pressure/positive pressure/negative pressure and is equipped with a simple hose connection device, suitable for measurement and on-site verification in ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as troubleshooting in clean rooms or any gas pressure systems. The clear reading of the Digital manometer makes it a valuable tool for HVAC technicians, operational maintenance engineers, and scientific researchers.

    Digital manometer applications

    Tips: How to calibrate a differential pressure manometer?

    First, you'll need to gather the necessary equipment, which typically includes a calibration reference standard, a test pump, and tubing. Start by verifying that the manometer is clean and free from any debris that could affect its measurements. Connect the manometer to the test pump using the tubing and ensure all connections are secure. Set the test pump to a known pressure, typically in the range you want to calibrate the manometer for. Record the test pump pressure and the manometer reading. Repeat this process at several different pressure points within the manometer's range to establish a calibration curve. This curve will help you determine the correction factors for the manometer at various pressure levels.

    After obtaining a set of calibration data, analyze the results to determine the calibration correction factors. These correction factors are typically calculated by comparing the manometer readings to the reference standard readings. Use statistical methods to calculate correction factors that account for any systematic errors in the manometer's measurements. Apply these correction factors to the manometer's readings when in use to ensure accurate pressure measurements. Regularly check and recalibrate the manometer to maintain its accuracy over time. Document the calibration process and results for quality control and traceability purposes, ensuring that the manometer remains in compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

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