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    Foot Switch, 250V, 2NO2NC

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    Competitive price foot pedal switch for sales, the foot switch with rated voltage 250V AC, rated current 15 amp, contact 2NO2NC, action force 3.2kg. The ffot pedal switch offers impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance advantages.
    SKU: ATO-CFS-702
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    Foot switch with cheap price, which with momentary operation type, CMV-100D micro switch type. It is widely used in medical equipment, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment, and printing machinery.


    Model CFS-702
    Rated voltage 250V AC
    Rated current 15A
    Operation type Momentary
    Micro switch type CM-1704
    Cable type Accessory: Cable gland (No cable)
    Contact 2*1NO1NC
    Action force 3.2kg
    Shell material Aluminum Cast
    Weight 2.47kg
    Color Green and orange
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months

    NOTE: The default size of conduit connector is M20x1.5, outfiting cable connector. Conduit connector size is PG13.5, with product model number plus (-P), example: CFS-302-P.

    Dimension (unit=mm)

    Dimension of foot switch of CFS-702

    Tips:  Working Principle of Foot Switch.

    A simple foot switch is actually a built-in travel switch, when the foot pedal gives a signal, the switch is executed. But in the field of welding, the function of the foot switch also plays a role in controlling the size of the output current. There is a micro switch inside the foot switch. The micro switch has 2 sets of contacts: normally open and normally closed. When the foot pedal is pressed to touch the micro switch, the normally open contact is closed and the normally closed contact is disconnected. The general application is to wire the normally open contact and use it as a foot switch.

    Existing reviews of Foot Switch, 250V, 2NO2NC
    Run a small vacuum
    I purchased this foot switch to run a small vacuum for cleaning out wood particles in my laser chamber. With this foot switch I don't have to bend over and turn the vac on.
    From: Chean | Date: 31/10/2022
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    Super well made foot switch
    I use a foot switch to power my benchtop portable band saw. Runs perfectly every time. Super sturdy construction. The cord is thick and durable. Hopefully the footswitch will serve me well for many years.
    From: Hector | Date: 02/06/2022
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    Just what I need
    This foot switch worked perfectly. I could start and stop in short bursts and never take my hands off the router. It was perfect for the job.
    From: Glack | Date: 01/06/2022
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    Foot pedal works great
    A well-made foot pedal helps me save time and effort. My hands are working and my feet can simply control the machine on and off, it's convenient and safe.
    From: Trostel | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Works as described
    This is a well made foot switch that works as expected. Great price and quick delivery! I recommend this foot pedal switch. I will order more.
    From: Beahn | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Stops it when it should
    This 250V electronic foot switch saves time and makes work safer. It is a good substitute for the tool switch that stops working.
    From: Rosenlof | Date: 29/05/2022
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    Great for every workshop
    My spinning machine needs a way to turn it on and off. As long as I step on the pedal, it will provide power for the tool. This electronic foot switch is exactly what I want. If you need to turn off the power quickly, you can also increase the safety factor.
    From: Freudenberg | Date: 29/05/2022
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    High Quality
    This 2NO2NC foot switch is definitely better than I expected. Good materials and great quality at an excellent price.
    From: Yeager | Date: 26/05/2022
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    High quality foot switch
    Bought the foot switch for my DIY project. The quality is surprisingly good! The pedal itself is made of metal and feels solid in the hand. Controls are also very precise. Would buy again.
    From: Mervyn | Date: 16/05/2022
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    Perfect with my scroll saw
    Exactly what I wanted! It’s going to last a long time. I’ve already put it through many many hours of constant use (as a foot pedal for my scroll saw) and it shows no sign of wear.
    From: wjl | Date: 21/04/2022
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