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    Automatic Grease Lubrication Pump with Motor

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    Automatic grease lubrication pump with 1L ~ 5L grease tank capacity, discharge capacity 50 mi/min, outlet pipe φ6mm, alarm output 220V DC. It comes with single phase or three phase induction motor, voltage 110V/220V/380V AC and 24V DC available, used for industrial equipment.
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    Automatic grease lubrication pump is an electric pump equipped with induction motor, which can be used in the centralized lubrication system of light industry, forging automation and other mechanical equipment.


    Model ATO-GLP-MRH
    Operating Mode Semi-automatic (without dual-timer module)
    Full-automatic (with dual-timer with digital display and press buttons)
    Distributor Resistance Distributor (without pressure take-off mechanism)
    Motor Induction Motor (Asynchronous Motor)
    Number of Motor Poles 2P
    Motor Voltage 1 Phase 220V AC, 3 Phase 220V AC, 3 Phase 380V AC, 24V DC
    Motor Power 40W
    Alarm Output 220V DC
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Grease Tank Capacity 1L/ 2L/ 3L/ 4L/ 5L
    Max Pressure 0 ~ 100 kgf/cm2
    Discharge Capacity 50 ml/min
    Viscosity Range Variety 000# ~ 00#
    Outlet Pipe φ6mm
    Weight 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 kg

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Details of Automatic Grease Lubrication Pump

    Tips: Working principle of automatic grease and oil lubrication pump

    The oil supply adjustment of automatic grease and oil lubrication pump is realized through the gear lever and the rotating sleeve so that all of the plungers of the pump rotate at the same time. When the plunger rotates, the start time of oil supply is constant, while the end time of oil supply is changed. And the hypotenuse of the plunger changes the position of the oil return hole of the plunger sleeve. With the different rotation angle of the plunger, the effective stroke of the plunger will be different, so the oil supply will also change.

    The greater the rotation angle of the plunger for the non-oil supply level, the greater the hypotenuse distance between the upper end face of the plunger and the oil return hole of the opening plunger sleeve, and the greater the oil supply. If the rotation angle of the plunger is smaller, the oil break starts earlier and the oil supply is smaller. When the diesel engine stops, the oil must be cut off. To this end, the longitudinal groove on the plunger can be turned to the oil return hole directly opposite to the plunger sleeve. At this point, in the whole plunger stroke, the fuel in the plunger sleeve has been flowing back to the oil channel through the longitudinal groove and oil return hole, so the oil supply is equal to zero. Therefore, when the plunger rotates, the oil supply can be adjusted through changing the end point of the oil supply. This method is called the oil supply end point regulation.

    The oil suction and oil pressing for the grease lubrication pump is completed by the reciprocating motion of the plunger in the plunger sleeve. When the plunger is located in the lower position, the two oil holes on the plunger sleeve are opened and the inner cavity of the plunger sleeve is communicated with the oil channel in the pump, thus the fuel is quickly filled with the oil chamber.

    When the cam reaches the roller, the plunger rises. It will move upward from the beginning of the plunger until the oil hole is blocked by the upper end of the plunger. During the time, the grease is pushed out of the oil chamber and into the oil passage due to the motion of the plunger. When the plunger blocks the oil
    hole, the oil pressing process begins. It in the oil chamber increases sharply when the plunger goes up. When the pressure exceeds the spring and upper oil pressure in the oil valve, the grease or oil is pressed into the oil pipe and sent it to the injector.

    Existing reviews of Automatic Grease Lubrication Pump with Motor
    A question about grease pump
    Hello, I have a question about the ATO-GLP-MRH automatic grease pump. I see it has a max pressure range of 0-100 kg/cm2.
    Is this accurate? I'm looking to get as low as 2 kg.
    From: cloe | Date: 20/07/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The minimum pressure of this pump can only be adjusted to 0-20 kg.
    Perfect automatic grease lubrication pump
    Great automatic grease lubrication pump at a great price. It can quickly complete the lubrication work on the truck, which is very suitable for our use.
    From: Cita | Date: 14/09/2021
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