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    Manual Oil Lubrication Pump

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    Manual oil lubrication pump with hand press, 500ml, optional outlet pipe diameter 4mm/ 6mm, left handle or right handle. Hand operated lube pump is piston pump, suitable for various lubrication equipment.
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    Manual oil lube pump is a piston pump, when the handle is pressed down, the oil will be sucked into the piston cavity. It can be combined with the resistance distributor to form a centralized lubrication system, which is suitable for various lubrication equipment.


    Model ATO-OLP-MYK
    Oil Tank Capacity 500mL
    Discharge Capacity 3/ 4/ 5 ml/cy (Optional)
    Outlet Pipe Diameter φ4mm/ φ6mm
    Max Pressure 4 kgf/cm2
    Handle Direction Left/ Right
    Weight 0.7kg

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of 500ml Manual Oil Lubrication Pump

    Tips: The reason why gear rotation of the manual lubrication pump is not smooth?

    The gear of manual lubrication pump relies on working volume change and move formed by pump cylinder and the meshing gear to pump oil. However, it sometimes appears unsmooth rotation, which will seriously affect the equipment quality. What causes gear rotation of the manual lube pump not smooth?

    • Wrong assembly. The processing datum of two pin holes on the manual lubrication pump is not the assembly datum. If you strike the pins into the two pin hole first, and then tighten the screws, the pump will not run. The correct method is to tighten the screw while rotating the gear pump.
    • Coaxiality difference between manual lubrication pump and engine coupling should be within 0.1mm.
    • The axial clearance or radial clearance is too small.
    • There is dirt in the manual lubrication pump.
    • The working oil outlet is blocked.
    • The quality of the needle sleeve is unqualified or broken.
    • All parts must be demagnetized before assembly.

    The gear is one of important parts of manual lubrication pump, which determines work efficiency. Therefore, once it fails, it must be timely repaired.

    Existing reviews of Manual Oil Lubrication Pump
    Great manual oil lubrication pump.
    Super low price manual lubrication pump. Easy fill and easy to pump. The tank is big enough for me so I don’t have to fill it as often. I will buy more if I need.
    From: Notta | Date: 25/03/2022
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