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    Automatic Oil Lubrication Pump with Motor

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    Automatic oil lubrication pump with 2 pole motor, 2L/ 3L/ 4L, single phase or three phase, selectable motor voltage 110V/220V/380V AC, 24V DC, 18W, alarm output 24V/220V DC, discharge capacity 150~200 ml/min, is an electric oil lubrication system for industrial machine.
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    Low price automatic oil lubrication pump is an electric oil pump equipped with shade-pole motor, which can be used in the centralized lubrication system of light industry, forging automation and other mechanical equipment.


    Model ATO-OLP-MR
    Operating Mode Semi-automatic (without dual-timer module)
    Full-automatic (with dual-timer with digital display and press buttons)
    Distributor Resistance Distributor (without pressure take-off mechanism)
    Volumetric Distributor (Built-in pressure take-off mechanism)
    Oil Tank Capacity 2L/ 3L/ 4L
    Motor Shade-pole Motor
    Number of Motor Poles 2P
    Motor Voltage 1 Phase 110V AC, 1 Phase 220V AC, 3 Phase 220V AC, 3 Phase 380V AC, 24V DC
    Motor Power 18W
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated Rotary Speed 2400 rpm
    Current 0.12A
    Level Pressure Alarm Output 24V DC/ 220V AC
    Rated Pressure 18 kgf/cm2
    Max Pressure 35 kgf/cm2
    Discharge Capacity 150~200 ml/min
    Oil Viscosity 30~1000 kgf/cm2
    Weight 3/ 4/ 4.5 kg
    User Manual ATO PDF

    Dimensions (Units:mm)

    2L Oil Lubrication Pump

    Dimensions of 2L Automatic Oil Lubrication Pump with Motor

    3L Oil Lubrication Pump

    Dimensions of 3L Automatic Oil Lubrication Pump with Motor

    4L Oil Lubrication Pump

    Dimensions of 4L Automatic Oil Lubrication Pump with Motor

    Tips: What are functions of automatic oil lubrication pump?

    Oil lubrication pump is an electric device that belongs to lubrication system. Automatic lube pump is commonly used for various industrial equipment, such as CNC machinery, milling machine, grinder, cutting machine, injection molding machine, etc. What are the functions of it?

    • It is semi-automatic or full-automatic to control and adjust oil supply, which has a wide range of standby and working time adjustment and is suitable for various industrial equipment.
    • It is designed with oil shortage alarm system, which can remind the operator to fill oil in time.
    • It is equipped with one-way control valve and resistance distributor or volumetric distributor, so that it can fully ensure the supply of lubricating oil at all points.
    • The two-stage filter can effectively prevent impurities from oil inlet to ensure oil cleaning and prevent mechanical wear.
    Existing reviews of Automatic Oil Lubrication Pump with Motor
    Awesome automatic oil lubrication pump!
    The pump does exactly what it is suppose to do, it squirts more than you could ask for. For the price, the quality is fairly good. Handy and no complaints. Recommend it. You will not regret this purchase.
    From: John | Date: 25/03/2022
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