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    Hand Operated Oil Lubrication Pump

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    Hand operated oil lubrication pump for sale, 350ml/ 500ml, outlet pipe diameter 4mm/ 6mm, outlet direction up or down, you can select oil delivery from one side or both sides. Manual oil lubrication pump is suitable for simpler lubrication system.
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    Compact hand operated oil lubrication pump with low price is easy to use and install. It is with an anti-backup device to avoid oil backflow. Manual lube pump is commonly used in places where lubrication is not strictly required.


    Model ATO-Y-6 ATO-Y-8
    Oil Tank Capacity 350mL 500mL
    Outlet Pipe Diameter φ4mm/ φ6mm
    Oil Delivery Method from One Side/ from Both Sides
    Oil Viscosity 20 ~ 150 cst
    Discharge Capacity 6 ml/cy
    Max Pressure 15 kgf/cm2
    Weight 1.2kg 1.4kg

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of 600ml Hand Operated Oil Lubrication Pump

    Dimensions of 800ml Hand Operated Oil Lubrication Pump

    Tips: Hand operated oil lubrication pump troubleshooting and precautions

    Hand operated oil lubrication pump is the best choice for many small machinery industries, but in the process of use, there will inevitably be some failures, so how to troubleshoot them? And what are the matters needing attention?

    In fact, in the use of manual lube pump, there are mainly two kinds of failures, one is the pressure does not rise, and another is a sharp rise in pressure. In the first situation, the reason why the pressure does not rise is mainly that the lube pump contains air or the one-way valve in the pump fails. In addition, there may be leakage at the pipe connection. When the pressure does not rise, we only need to find out the reason to troubleshoot and then it can work normally. The reasons for the sharp rise in pressure may be the blockage of the pipeline in the pump or the poor action of the distributor and the reversing valve is not timely reversing. In this case, you only need to identify the cause to solve the problem.

    It needs to note that the oil must be filled in the special oil inlet, meanwhile, you should always pay attention to the indicator line of the oil level indicator rod on the way to ensure that it can be filled up. At the same time, when use, it is also necessary to pay attention to the change of oil quantity and fill it in time. In addition, the lubrication pump should also be kept clean to prevent corrosion by acid, alkali and other highly corrosive

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    High quality manual oil lubrication pump
    I just bought this manual oil lubrication pump from and I am still very satisfied with it so far. I hope it is a high quality product that can perfectly complete the lubrication work.
    From: Edwards | Date: 11/08/2021
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