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    Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer, 100ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml

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    Electric heating mantle with magnetic stirrer, various capacities of 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L, 2L and 5L for your options, maximum heating teperature up to 380℃. The mantle is constructed with alkali-free glass fiber inner and has magnetci stirring function with adjustable speed for quick, efficient and even heat up. Easy to operate, durable and low price.
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    Lab heating mantles with magnetic stirrer are available with 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L, 2L and 5L. It is applied for liquid stirring and heating in colleges, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical and environment protection institutions. It usually consists of a heating sleeve and a hot area with a magnetic stirrer. By placing the reaction vessel in a heating jacket, a stable heating temperature can be provided.


    • With alkali-free glass fiber mantle, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and durable.
    • Fast heating-up without open flame, long lifespan.
    • Internal hemispherical heater with larger heating area for uniform and efficient heat.
    • Electronic temperature control with knob, conveniently adjustment and easy operation.
    • Comes with magnetic stirring function, making the liquid heat evenly under stirring, ideal heating mantle for labs and chemical institutions.


    Model ATO-HMS
    Capacity 100mL 250mL 500mL 1000mL 2000mL 5000mL
    Heating Power 100W 150W 250W 350W 450W 800W
    Max Temperarure Room temp. 380℃
    Function Heating and stirring
    Temperature Control Electronic temperature control
    Stirring Speed 0-1400 RPM
    Power Supply 220V AC or 110V AC
    Size 23*23*20cm 23*23*20cm 23*23*20cm 30*30*24cm 32*32*27cm 37*36.5*30cm
    Weight 2.4kg 2.8kg 2.9kg 4.4kg 5.3kg 8kg

    Note: For the capacity greater than or equal to 2000mL, the heating mantle with stirrer can ONLY be equipped with 2-pin European power plug, 3-pin Australian plug or UK plug, so the European plug is equipped for the USA by default.

    Heating Mantle w/ Stirrer Details

    Heating mantle with magnetic stirrer details

    Tips: Matters Needing Attention When Using Heating Mantles.

    1. The instrument shall be well grounded.

    2. When using the mantle for the first time, white smoke and peculiar smell appear in the mantle, and the color changes from white to brown to white again, which is a normal phenomenon, since the glass fiber contains oil and other compounds in the production process. It should be placed in the ventilated place, and can be used normally after several minutes.

    3. When using the heating mantle above 3000ml, the squeak-squeak sound occurrence is due to the different structure of the furnace wire and the connection with the thyristor voltage regulating pulse signal, which can be used with confidence.

    4. When the liquid overflows into the mantle, please turn off the power quickly. Put the electric heating mantle in a ventilated place. And it can be used after it is dry, so as to avoid the danger of leakage or electrical short-circuit.

    5. When not in use for a long time, please keep the heating mantle in a dry place without corrosive gas.

    6. Please do not use the mantle for empty heating or dry heating.

    7. If the ambient humidity is too high, inductive electricity may be transmitted to the housing through the insulation layer. Please be sure to ground the wire and pay attention to ventilation.

    Existing reviews of Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer, 100ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml
    Quiet operation, capacity perfect for brewing
    The build is simple but effective, the operation is quiet and the capacity is perfect for brewing, I have tried it with a 1/2 gallon kettle and a 1 gallon kitchen pot and everything spins well at normal speed.
    From: Quincy | Date: 28/04/2022
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    happy with this magnetic stirrer
    Of course it had the US style plug, i found another 9V adapter with EU plug and the same connector to the device, it's very generic. The device itself is very good! Great value for the money, professional lab grade equipment is not worth the money for making hot sauce. One thing I didn't like was that the stir bars are flat, the ones that have a band around them in the middle are a lot more silent, but I knew this before placing the order so, no problem at all!
    From: Sprial | Date: 16/09/2021
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