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    Laboratory Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer, 1L, 0-1600 RPM

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    Cheap lab hotplate magnetic stirrer, capable of heating and mixing liquid at the same time. The hot plate stirrer comes with 12*12cm aluminium plate, max. stirring capacity up to 1L, adjustable temperature 380℃ and variable speed 0-1600 rpm with two separate knob, convenient use, fast heating and high durability.
    SKU: ATO-HS-12
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    Small magnetic stirrer with hot plate has stirring capacity of 1000mL with 12*12cm aluminum plate, 0-1600 RPM speed and 380℃ heating temperature. This hotplate stirrer is suitable for liquid mixing heating in the chemistry, agriculture, medical and health, pharmaceuticals, scientific research institutions, colleges or universities, laboratories and other fields.


    • Aluminum plate for uniform temperature distribution.
    • With strong magnetic to prevent the magnetic stir bar from jumping out.
    • Stepless speed regulation, running smoothly at low speed and efficiently at high speed.
    • Over temperature protection with independent safety circuit design. Automatically stops heating once exceed secure temperature.
    • Knob design for easy to control temperature and speed.
    • Adjustable sensor fixing bracket, convenient to use.


    Model ATO-HS-12
    Top Plate Size 12*12cm
    Top Plate Material Aluminium
    Speed 0-1600 RPM
    Function Heating and stirring
    Heating Power 180W
    Heating Temperarure Room temp. 380℃
    Max. Stirring Volume 1L (1000mL)
    Voltage AC 220V or 110V
    Gross Weight 2.5kg
    Packing List 1 x Main unit, 1 x Stirring bar, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Bracket, 1 x Fuse, 1 x User Manual

    Tips: What Is Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer?

    A magnetic stirrer is a laboratory instrument used for liquid mixing, mainly for stirring or simultaneously heating and stirring liquids or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity. The basic principle is to use the magnetic field of the same repulsive and the opposite attract, to promote the stir bar in the container for circular operation, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid.

    Generally, the hot plate magnetic stirrer has two functions of stirring and heating. With the heating temperature control system, the hotplate stirrer can heat and control the sample temperature according to the specific experimental requirements, maintain the temperature conditions required by the experimental conditions, and ensure that the liquid mixture meets the experimental requirements.

    Existing reviews of Laboratory Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer, 1L, 0-1600 RPM
    Great high quality product, best customer service
    Excellent quality. Good temperature control. Great at stirring viscous liquids. The same model has been used at a mining operation in the lab for several years 24 hours per day 7 days per week with no problems. It is still running strong!
    From: Aispuro | Date: 28/06/2022
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    Great device!
    For my usage, this is a fantastic stirring/ heating device. I have been using it daily for several months. This device solved several issues for me. ATO is very friendly and responsive with answering questions and providing help.
    From: Wieland | Date: 26/05/2022
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    Worth the price
    The stirrer stirs and heats up nicely. I used it to make candles and it worked well. The hot plate does take a while to cool down and the temperature control is very effective.
    From: Rufus | Date: 28/04/2022
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    nice little stirrer
    I was curious how well this magnetic stirrer would work with baby bottles, which is usually annoying since the formula is sticky and clumps, plus you should not shake the bottle because that adds a lot of gas (bubbles) to the mix which causes problems he eats.
    And this will save so much time... it used to take several minutes of stirring... mashing... stirring... mashing... etc. to prepare a bottle, now we can virtually mix the bottle as fast as we can scoop the formula out of the can.
    From: Claire | Date: 16/09/2021
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