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    High Precision Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Sheet Metal/Steel

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    Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge, offers high precision thickness testing of thin materials, like sheet metal, sheet steel, etc., through-painting thickness measurement also available, 0.001mm resolution, 500 to 9999 m/s (0.0197 to 0.3939 in/μs) material velocity range, big and clear OLED screen, multi-measuring mode to make the readings more accurate and reliable.
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    Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge is high precision with 0.001mm resolution, especially suitable for the thickness measurement of thin-walled materials, like car body sheet, fire/security doors and extinguisher, etc.


    • High resolution 0.001mm
    • Real-time A-Scan with adjustable gain, range, blanking, etc.
    • Designed for thin workpiece, with lower measurement limit to 0.2mm
    • 2.4" QVGA (320×240 pixels) OLED color display
    • With through coating measurement, the gauge can measure the net thickness of the substrate without removing the paintings.
    • Unique multiple-wave verify mode, all the thickness values have been checked through 3 to 9 times of echos, which makes the result more reliable and accurate.
    • Can store 100,000 thickness values and 1000 waveforms (PM-5DL Only)


    Model ATO-PM-5 ATO-PM-5DL
    Display Type 2.4" QVGA (320×240) true color OLED screen, contrast 10000:1
    Measuring Mode
    • Interface-Echo Mode( I-E): for thick material
    • Echo-Echo Mode (E-E): for the thin material and through coating measurement
    • Multiple Echo Verify Mode (ME-E): All the thickness values have been checked through 3 to 9 times of echos, which makes the result more reliable and  accurate
    • Auto Mode: The instrument select the measuring mode automatically according to the different material being tested.
    Measuring Range (Steel)
    • Interface-Echo Mode: 1.5mm-27mm
    • Echo-Echo Mode: 0.25mm-13.5mm
    • Multiple Echo Verify Mode: 0.25mm-9mm
    • Auto Mode: 0.25mm-27mm
    Display Mode
    • A-SCAN: Displays the whole RF echo or half-waveform after rectified
    • B-SCAN: Time-based B-Scan, displays the profile of the workpiece
    • Big Thickness Value: The conventional display of the thickness value
    • Difference/Thickness Thinning Rate: Display the difference between the real thickness value and the preset thickness value, and the percentage of the thinning value
    • Min./Max. Capture: Display the current thickness value, Min. value and Max. value at the same time
    Measuring Resolution 0.001 mm or 0.01mm (0.0001 in or 0.001 in)
    Units Inch or Millimeter
    Gain Real time continuously adjustable, adjustable range 41dB
    Update Rate Selectable 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz
    Material Velocity Range 500 to 9999 m/s (0.0197 to 0.3939 in/μs)
    Languages Chinese, English, French, German, Janpanese
    Alarm Settings Dynamically change the color of thickness value when the measuring value exceeds the upper limit or lower limit of the preset
    Data Logger N/A YES (See table below)
    Power Supply Two AA size batteries
    Operating Time Approximately 35 hours
    Instrument Shut-off Selectable ALWAYS ON or AUTO OFF after 5, 10, 20 minutes of no operation
    Operating Temperature -10℃ to +50℃
    Size 153mm×76mm×37mm (H×W×D)
    Weight 280g including batteries

    ATO-PM-5DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Data Logger

    Capacity 100,000 thickness readings, 1000 waveforms, 400 files
    File Structure Grid file
    Rows × Columns 21×12
    Communication Port USB 2.0 full speed port
    Software DataView PC Software

    * Standard Packing List

    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge × 1, Standard Probe × 1, Battery × 2, Couplant × 1, Carrying Case × 1, Operating Manual × 1
    USB Cable × 1 (PM-5DL Only), Software × 1 (PM-5DL Only)
    (Kindly Reminder: Battery and Couplant is Not Included if Shipped By Air.)

    Tips: What are the factors affecting the value of ultrasonic thickness gauge?

    1. The surface roughness of the workpiece is too large, resulting in poor coupling effect between the probe and the contact surface, low reflection echo, and even unable to receive the echo signal.

    2. When the radius of curvature of workpiece is too small, especially when measuring thickness of small diameter tube, the sound intensity transmittance is low because the surface of common probe is plane and the contact with surface is point contact or line contact.

    3. The detection surface is not parallel to the bottom, and the acoustic wave scatters when it meets the bottom, so the probe of ultrasonic thickness gauge cannot accept the signal of the bottom wave.

    4. Castings and austenitic steels have severe scattering attenuation when the ultrasonic wave pass through due to inhomogeneous structure or coarse grain. The scattered ultrasonic wave propagates along complex paths, which may obliterate the echo and cause no display.

    5. There is some wear on the contact surface of the probe.

    6. There are a lot of corrosion pits on the back of the measured object.

    7. There is sediment in the measured workpiece (such as pipeline). When the acoustic impedance difference between the sediment and the workpiece is small, the ultrasonic thickness gauge shows that the thickness reading is increased by the thickness of the sediment.

    8. When there are defects (such as inclusions, sandwiches, etc.) in the material, the display value is about 70% of the nominal thickness. At this time, the ultrasonic flaw detector can be used for further defect detection.

    9. The temperature will affect the reading of ultrasonic thickness gauge. Sound velocity in general solid materials decreases with increasing temperature.

    10. Cascade material and composite (heterogeneous) material. It is impossible to measure uncoupled laminated materials because ultrasound cannot penetrate uncoupled space and cannot propagate uniformly in composite (heterogeneous) materials.

    11. The influence of coupling agent. Sound speed is selected incorrectly. Metal surface oxide or paint coating may also affect the thickness value of ultrasonic thickness gauge.

    Existing reviews of High Precision Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Sheet Metal/Steel
    Simple to use
    We had an acrylic resin we were not able to acquire the thickness through the whole piece. This ultrasonic thickness gauge is pretty simple to use it collects data it did what we needed it to do.
    From: Javier | Date: 07/12/2022
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