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    Industrial Laser Infrared Temperature Sensor, 300 ~ 1400℃

    Low cost non-contact infrared temperature sensor online sale, laser aiming, with 4-20mA signal output, accuracy ±1% or ±1℃, easy assembly and high precision. This industrial IR temperature sensor with infrared measurement, can measure 300 ~ 1400℃ temperature.
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    Industrial non-contact infrared temperature sensor uses a 2-level laser for coaxial aiming, which can easily indicate the center position of the measurement point, and especially mark the best measurement distance, which is used for the temperature of small targets that need precise point measurement. Provides two-wire 4-20mA current output, ATO IR temperature sensor can be easily installed in a variety of applications, especially suitable for industrial environments that require long distances and strong interference.


    • Model: ATO-BRW600-6JG
    • Measurement Range: 300 ~ 1400℃
    • Power Supply: 24VDC
    • Accuracy: ±1% or ±1℃
    • Emissivity: 0.95
    • Aiming: Laser Aiming (Level 2 Laser, Maximum Output Power 1mW, 650Nm)
    • Signal Output: 4-20mA
    • Working Temperature: 85℃
    • Response Time: 10ms (95%)
    • Response Wavelength: 1.6um
    • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 85℃
    • Ambient Temperature: 0 ~ 60℃ (Better measurement effect at 0~ 50℃)
    • Relative Humidity: 10 ~ 95% (No Condensation)
    • Object Distance Than: 20 : 1
    • Display Method: External Display
    • Protection Grade: IP65
    • Dimension: L150mm * φ45mm
    • Shell Material: Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 300g

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of laser infrared temperature sensor


    Wring of laser infrared temperature sensor


    Industrial Laser Infrared Temperature Sensor Details

    Tips: How to choose a non-contact infrared temperature sensor?

    Performance indicators: When choosing an infrared temperature sensor, you must pay attention to its range. Only when you choose a suitable range can you measure it better. The user's measured temperature range must be considered accurate and comprehensive, neither too narrow nor too wide. The second is to pay attention to the size of the sensor. You can't choose either too large or too small. You must choose the size that suits you to make the measurement easier. The range and size are the ones that you should pay attention to when choosing the sensor. However, when choosing an infrared temperature sensor, you must also determine the optical resolution, determination of wavelength range, determination of response time, signal processing capabilities, etc.

    Working conditions: The environmental conditions in which the infrared temperature sensor is located have a great impact on the measurement results, which should be considered and properly resolved, otherwise it will affect the temperature measurement accuracy and even cause damage to the thermometer. When the ambient temperature is too high and there is dust, smoke and steam, accessories such as protective jacket, water cooling, air cooling system, and air blower provided by the manufacturer can be used. These accessories effectively address environmental influences and protect the thermometer for accurate temperature measurement.

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