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    Infrared Temperature Sensor, Non-Contact, 4-20mA/ RS485 Output

    Favorable price non-contact infrared temperature sensor for sale, with 4-20mA or RS485 signal output, measurement range 0~1200℃, accuracy ±2% or ±2℃, easy assembly and high precision. This IR temperature sensor with infrared measurement, can be used for temperature monitoring in chemical industry, metallurgy, food, textile industry and other fields.
    SKU: ATO-IR-405
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    Non-contact infrared temperature sensor with high performance sensor probe, millisecond response speed, can measure temperature continuously, small in size, suitable for narrow working conditions.


    • Model: ATO-BRW600-405 (Click it to see the user manual)
    • Measurement Range (Optional): 0 ~ 100℃, 200℃, 300℃, 400℃, 500℃, 600℃, 700℃, 800℃, 900℃, 1000℃, 1200℃
    • Measuring Distance: 10 ~ 30 cm
    • Power Supply: 10 ~ 30VDC, 5 ~ 30VDC
    • Accuracy: ±2% or ±2℃
    • Emissivity: 0.95
    • Signal Output (Optional): 4-20mA, RS485
    • Working Temperature: 50 ℃
    • Response Time: 300 ms
    • Response Wavelength: 8 - 14um
    • Maximum Current: < 50mA
    • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 85℃
    • Ambient Temperature: 0 ~ 60℃ (Better measurement effect at 0~ 50℃)
    • Relative Humidity: 10 ~ 95% (No Condensation)
    • Object Distance Than: 20 : 1
    • Protection Grade: IP65
    • Dimension: L43mm * φ40mm
    • Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy
    • Weight: 1kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of non-contact infrared temperature sensor


    Wiring of infrared temperature sensor

    Principle of measurement

    Measuring principle of infrared temperature sensor

    • Anything above absolute zero (-273.15℃) can generate infrared light.
    • The infrared temperature receives the infrared dispersion from the object and converts it into a standard signal output through sensors, optical systems and electronic circuits.
    • The infrared temperature sensor can calculate the surface temperature of the object by measuring the infrared intensity emitted by the target without touching the target.
    • The biggest advantage of non-contact infrared temperature sensors is that users can easily measure targets that are difficult to approach or move.

    Measuring distance of infrared temperature sensor

    Optical Resolution: The ratio of the distance from the infrared temperature sensor to the object to the size of the spot being measured (D:S). The larger the ratio, the better the resolution of the instrument and the smaller the measured spot size. The closer the measured object is to black, the higher the measurement accuracy.

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