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    Laser Particle Counter, 28.3L/min, 6 Channel

    Laser particle counter sampling flow rate 28.3L/min, particle size channel 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0mm, 122 X 90MM high resolution LCD display, can store 1000 groups of data, no data loss after power failure. Laser particle counter is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical, optical, food, cosmetic, biological products, aerospace and other industries.
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    Laser particle counter with level alarm function, which can alarm for clean room level 100, 1000, 1w, 10w, 30w, 100w. Laser particle counter particle size channel including 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0um, can simultaneously measure the number of dust particles of various particle sizes, and optional observation of the number of particles of a certain size and its changes, for the study, detection and evaluation of various clean environments are very convenient.


    Model ATO-QT3106L
    Light Source Semiconductor laser, life expectancy greater than 10 years (30,000h)
    Flow Rate 28.3L/min (1ft3) 
    Display 122 x 90mm high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD), can directly display the particle concentration (particles / cubic meter)
    Power Supply AC power supply AC: 220V Shi 5%, 50HZ
    Working Time 10 hours
    Counting Mode Cumulative value, difference value, concentration value
    Test Mode Single, repeat, continuous, calculation, remote
    Unit Conversion Unit can be converted to m3
    Particle Size Channel 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0um, six grades of particle size at the same time, counting particle size can be customized according to customer needs
    Sampling Period 1~999 (S), delayed counting 0~99 (S), self-purification time: ≤10 (min)
    Working Temperature 0~40°C (50~104°F)
    Relative Temperature 20~90%RH, no condensation
    Atmospheric Pressure 86~106KPa
    UCL Setting Sampling points(A): 2~9 points setting, sampling times per point (L): 2~9 times setting, measuring position: 0-999
    UCL Statement Conform to IS014644-1, GB50073-2001, GMP(2010)
    Data Storage 100 sets of data can be stored, no data loss after power failure.
    Communication Interface RS232, 9600 baud rate
    Alarm Setting Can alarm the clean room level 100, 1000, 1W, 10W, 30W, 100W after exceeding the standard
    Overlap Error 5%, 2,00,000 grains/cubic feet
    Standard Configuration Professional isokinetic sampling head, sampling bracket with sampling tube, zero filters, USB to RS 232 module, RS232 connection cable, computer connection communication software CD, built-in printer
    Printing Function Built-in printer
    Weight 8.6kg
    Dimensions 260x140x400mm


    Particle counter applications

    Tips: What is the working principle of laser particle counter?

    A laser particle counter is an instrument that uses the principle of light scattering to count dust particles. Light scattering is related to factors such as particle size, light wavelength, particle refractive index, and particle absorption characteristics of light. However, in terms of the intensity of scattered light and the size of particles, there is a basic rule that the intensity of light scattered by particles increases with the increase of the surface area of the particles. In this way, a certain flow of dust-laden gas passes through a beam of strong light, causing the particles to emit scattered light, which is projected onto the photomultiplier tube through the condenser lens, and the light pulse is converted into an electric pulse, and the number of particles is obtained from the number of pulses. The particle diameter is obtained from the function relationship between the intensity of the particle scattered light and the particle diameter.

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