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    Laser Radar Level Meter, G1.5/ DN50

    Lower cost laser level meter for sale online with LED display. The radar level meter with G1.5/ DN50 connection size for selection, 304/ 306 stainless steel material can be chosen. Digital laser level meter with 0.02m~100m wide range measuring distance. High accuracy radar level gauge is widely used in pharmaceutical production, plastic high-risk areas and the environmental and recycling industries.
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    Factory price laser level gauge with DC24V voltage, resolution 1mm, threads and flange two procudure linkages are avalible. Laser level meter housed in a well-designed shield, the laser radar level meter can be used in harsh environments (high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and high dust).

    Application of Laser Rader Level Meter

    • Pharmaceutical production.
    • Plastic production, high-risk areas for plastics.
    • Warehousing industry such as crude oil, refined oil measurement.
    • Cement and aggregates - raw materials, clinker silos, etc.
    • Food processing, cereals, seeds and feed, aggregate industry.
    • Environment and recycling industry, polymerization reactor vessel (high pressure).
    • Chemical processing, bio-energy, liquid asphalt, reactor vessel (vacuum), alloy polystyrene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, etc.
    • Pulp and paper, such as pulp pulp pool, sealed pool, white pool, storage tank, storage tower, bleaching tower, etc.
    • Mining, metallurgy, colored smelting.


    Model LRLM-AP16007 LRLM-AP16007-1
    Connection Size G1.5 inch thread Flanged DN50
    Procedure linkage Threads Flange
    Weight 1.5kg 2.2kg
    Voltage DC24V
    Pressure -98kpa~2Mpa
    Analog output 4~20 mA
    Resolution 1mm
    Shell material 304/ 306 stainless steel
    Temperature -30℃~150℃
    Measuring range 0.02m~100m
    load capacity >300 Ω
    Protection grade IP67
    Absolute accuracy ±1cm

    Dimension (mm)

    Laser rader level meter diemnsion


    G1.5 Tuning Fork Level Switch Details

    Tips: Measuring Principle of Laser Radar Level Meter.

    The laser level meter has built-in visible laser aiming at the measured medium, and a built-in high-precision high-resolution timing device measures the round-trip time of the infrared laser between the launch point and the measured medium, then L= t * c/ 2 (t is the round trip time, c for the speed of light). The radar level meter is a non-contact measurement. Because the laser can penetrate the glass, the laser level gauge can be well protected and can be used for harsh environment measurement (high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, high dust). Since the laser emission angle is very low (<0.2°), the radar level gauge measures the small space level and allows accurate measurement of irregular surfaces.

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