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    M12 Proximity Sensor, Inductive, NPN NO, Unshielded, 4mm

    Low cost M12 proximity sensor manufacturer direct sale. It is an NPN inductive proximity switch with NO output method, unshielded installation type and 4mm detection range, which can detect the presence or absence of metallic objects within a certain range without direct contact.
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    Buy M12 inductive proximity sensor from manufacturer. This 4mm proximity switch can detect a variety of metals. NPN proximity sensor, wholesale price, NO output method, small size, long life, strong anti-interference abilities, unshielded type installation and supply voltage DC 12V-24V.


    • Red LED checks the state of the proximity sensor
    • High repeated positioning accuracy
    • High switching frequency
    • Wide voltage range
    • Antivibration, dust, water and oil prevention
    • Reverse power protection, short circuit protection, directly connecting with PLC
    • Can replace small switches and limit switches


    Model ATO-PSI-12A2ZN
    Installation type Unshielded
    DC type NO
    Detection range 4mm±10%
    Delay distance ≤10% detection range
    Detection object Magnetic metal (the detection distance decreases when it is non-magnetic metal)
    Standard detection object Iron 15*15*1mm
    Response frequency DC: 1kHz, AC: 50Hz
    Supply voltage DC type: DC 12-24V (6-36V)
    Withstand voltage AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min between charging part and housing
    Voltage influence Inside ±15% rated supply voltage range, at rated supply voltage value, inside ±10% detection distance
    Consumption current N/P type: ≤13mA, D type: ≤0.8mA, A type: ≤1.7mA
    Control output N/P type: ≤300mA, D type: ≤200mA, A type: ≤400mA
    Loop protection N/P/D type: reversal connection protection, surge absorption, load short-circuit protection, A type: surge absorption
    Ambient temperature & humidity Operation temperature/storage temperature: -30~65℃ (no freeze, no dew)
    Operation humidity/storage humidity: 35~95%RH
    Temperature influence Temperature range: -30~65℃, at +23℃, ±15% detection distance
    Temperature range: -25~60℃, at +23℃, ±10% detection distance
    Insulation impedance ≥50MΩ (DC500 megameter) between charging part and housing
    Material Housing: Nickel plated brass, Detection surface: ABS
    Protection class IP67
    Cable length 1.2m

    Wiring Diagram

    M12 proximity sensor wiring

    Line Definition

    M12 proximity sensor wiring definition

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    M12 proximity sensor dimension


    M12 proximity sensor details

    Tips: What is an unshielded proximity sensor?

    ATO unshielded proximity sensor, also known as a non-shielded or unshielded inductive sensor, is a type of inductive sensor used to detect the presence or absence of metallic objects within a certain range without direct contact.

    Unlike shielded proximity sensors, which have a metal housing that focuses the electromagnetic field to the front of the sensor, unshielded sensors emit an electromagnetic field in a wider, more dispersed pattern around the sensing face.

    The broader detection area of unshielded proximity sensors makes them suitable for applications where a larger sensing range is required, or where the exact positioning of the object is less critical. They are typically used in environments where there is a need to detect objects from multiple directions or where installation space allows for a less focused sensing approach.

    Unshielded proximity sensors are widely used in industrial automation for tasks such as counting parts on a conveyor belt, detecting the position of machinery components, or ensuring the presence of metal objects in assembly processes. Their main advantage lies in their ability to detect objects in a broader area, though this can also make them more susceptible to interference from surrounding metal objects and require careful placement to avoid false detections.

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