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    Magnetic Level Gauge, 4~20mA

    The provided 1m~3m magnetic flap level gauge can be used for medium liquid level detection of various towers, tanks, tanks, spherical containers and boilers. Side-mounted/bottom-mounted/top-mounted magnetic level indicator with 4~20mA transmission mode, suitable for various environments such as low temperature to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure, etc.
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    The manufacturer directly sells a low price magnetic level gauge with a 4~20mA transmission mode, and the length of the scale can be customized. Durable magnetic level indicator meets the requirements of high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali and explosion-proof, can be used for wastewater treatment, power plants, chemical equipment, thermal kerosene boilers and petrochemical industries, etc.


    Model ATO-UHZ-59
    Types Common Type / Anti-Corrosion Type (Acid-Base Medium)
    Material Stainless Steel (Common Type), 304 lined with PTFE Material (Anti-Corrosion Type)
    Scale Length 1m~3m, Contact us for other lengths.
    Measuring Range 300~18000mm
    Medium Liquid Medium
    Medium Density 0.5~2g/cm3
    Media Density Difference ≥0.15g/m3
    Medium Viscosity ≤0.02Pa.S
    For a medium with high viscosity or a medium that is easy to crystallize when the temperature is low, a heating jacket-type liquid level gauge can be selected according to user requirements.
    Operating Temperature -40~350°C
    Working Pressure ≤2.5MPa, Contact us for high pressure.
    Measurement Accuracy ≤±10mm
    Installation Method Side-Mounted / Top-Mounted / Bottom-Mounted (Optional)
    Protection Class IP65
    Explosion-Proof Grade ib lI CT4 or d II BT4 (Optional)
    Transfer Method 4~20mA (Optional)
    Interface Flange HG20592.20635-97 Standard
    If you need to adopt other standards (such as GB, ANSI, DIN, etc), please feel free to contact us.


    • In addition to the on-site display of liquid level measurement, the magnetic level gauge can be equipped with a remote liquid level signal to realize alarm and automatic control.
    • The display of the liquid level gauge is intuitive and eye-catching, simple structure, no blockage and leakage, and easy installation and maintenance.
    • It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali and explosion-proof requirements.
    • If the power supply is interrupted, the on-site magnetic switch will not be affected, and the accuracy is high.
    • Magnetic level gauge suits dyeing and finishing equipment, wastewater treatment, power plant, chemical equipment, thermal kerosene boiler, etc.


    Magnetic level gauge details

    Installation Method

    Magnetic level gauge installation method


    Magnetic level gauge applications

    Tips: What is a magnetic flap level gauge?

    A magnetic flap level gauge is a device used to measure the liquid level in a tank or vessel. It consists of a magnetic float and a magnetic flap indicator. ATO magnetic float is a buoyant object that floats on the surface of the liquid inside the tank. It is typically cylindrical in shape and contains a permanent magnet. As the liquid level changes, the float moves up and down accordingly.

    The magnetic flap indicator is a separate component located outside the tank. It contains a magnetically responsive flap that is connected to the magnetic float inside the tank through a shaft or linkage. The flap rotates based on the position of the float, indicating the liquid level.

    The magnetic interaction between the float and the flap allows for a visual indication of the liquid level without the need for direct contact between the liquid and the indicator. This makes it suitable for measuring the level of corrosive, hazardous, or high-temperature liquids.

    The position of the magnetic flap is typically marked with a scale or graduated markings to provide a clear and easily readable level indication. Some magnetic flap level gauges may also include features such as high and low-level alarms or switches to provide control signals based on specific thresholds.

    Magnetic flap level gauges are commonly used in various industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, water treatment, and storage tanks, where accurate and reliable level measurement is essential for process control and inventory management.

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