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    Tuning Fork Level Switch

    Tuning fork level switch online for sale. The vibrating fork level switch has optional standard type/ high temperature type/ extended type and flange type, g1" thread/ 1" NPT two threads can be chosen, input voltage DC24V/ AC220V are available. The tuning fork switch has advantages of simple installation, strong adaptability, good stability and easy operation and long service life.
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    Factory price level switch with multi-function panel, aluminum alloy shell and the protection grade is IP67. Tuning fork type level switch is widely used in chemical surveying, power plant surveying, reservoir surveying and medicine tank surveying.


    Install function Standard type High temperature type Extended type Flange type
    Techanical characteristic Measuring medium Liquid/ Powder
    Oscillation frequency 350 Hz
    Precision ±5 mm
    Measuring length 100mm (default)
    For other lengths (100~3000mm), please contact us.
    Ambient temperature -40~80℃
    Repeatability ±3 mm
    Instructions LED
    Electrical characteristics Voltage DC24V/ AC220V
    Power 1 W
    Output signal Relay Dry Contact (DPDT)
    Maximum load 8A
    Mechanical characteristics Pressure range -98kPa~5MPa
    Operating temperature -40~1500℃
    Shell material Aluminum alloy
    Sensor material Stainless Steel 316
    Connector material Stainless Steel 304
    Protection grade IP67
    Electrical interface M20*1.5/ 1''G
    Thread g1" thread/ 1" NPT

    Diemension (mm)

    Tuning fork level switch dimension

    Wiring diagram

    Wiring diagram of tuning fork level sensor

    1. Power indicator light
    2. Action status indicator light
    3. Upper and lower alarm setting switches
    4. Sensitivity regulation
    5. Action release delay adjustment
    6. Reset button


    Tuning Fork Level Switch Details

    Tips: Working Principle of the Tuning Fork Level Switch.

    The working principle of the tuning fork level switch is to make the tuning fork vibrate at a certain resonance frequency through a pair of piezoelectric crystals installed on the tuning fork base. When the tuning fork of the tuning fork level switch is in contact with the measured medium, the frequency and amplitude of the tuning fork will change. These changes of the tuning fork level switch are measured, processed and converted into a switch signal by the intelligent circuit. 

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