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    RF Admittance Level Switch

    Shop RF admittance level switch online at economical price, with 250V AC 5A contact capacity, SPDT output, and optional voltage of 220V or 24V DC. This radio frequency admittance level sensor is a sensing device used in industrial applications to detect and control liquid levels.
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    RF admittance level switch is a level sensor used for point-level detection of liquids, solids, or slurries in industrial processes. RF admittance level switch offers reliable and accurate level sensing, making it valuable in diverse industries like chemical processing, water treatment, and food production.


    • Easy installation and debugging: Fully sealed integrated installation structure, all using digital integrated circuits, without any mechanical movable parts. Once installed, zero calibration does not require repeated debugging.
    • Low temperature drift: Using digital electrical appliances, compared with existing products, the impact of ambient temperature and humidity on the instrument is greatly reduced, and no zero adjustment is required when changing seasons. The advanced circuit design can avoid false signals caused by material adhering to the probe, and can resist the effects of various fluctuations.
    • Strong on-site adaptability: This radio frequency admittance level switch can detect solid and liquid materials in high temperature, high pressure, large dust, and high viscosity situations.
    • One-time zero calibration: Due to the use of digital circuits, users can complete zero calibration at one time in a short position.


    Model ATO-RFALS-L2000
    Control Part Power Supply (Optional) 220V AC±10%, 50/60HZ; 24V DC±10%
    Contact Capacity 250V AC 5A
    Power Consumption Maximum 2.5W
    Sensitivity ≤0.3PF
    Output Relay SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw)
    Ambient Temperature -40~65℃
    Temperature Effect 0.3PF/30℃
    Calibration Button Zero Calibration
    Sensitivity Setting Setting Range is 1~9
    Switch Delay Setting Delay Value Range is 0~59 Seconds
    Alarm Form Optional Upper Limit or Lower Limit
    Shell Protection Standard Complies with NEMAI-5.4X and 12&13 (IP65) Protection Standards
    Probe Part Installation Interface 1"NPT, 3/4"NPT
    Probe Material Stainless Steel Probe
    Pressure Resistance 2.5MPa

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    RF admittance level switch dimension

    Installation & Wiring

    RF admittance level switch installation and wiring

    Tips: What is the working principle of RF admittance level switch?

    A Radio-Frequency (RF) admittance level switch operates based on the principle of measuring the change in admittance as a probe comes into contact with a material. Admittance is the reciprocal of impedance, and it includes both conductance and susceptance. In this level switch, an RF signal is emitted from a probe, and as the material level rises, the capacitance between the probe and the material changes. This alteration in capacitance leads to a change in admittance, which is detected by the instrument. The switch triggers when the admittance reaches a predefined threshold, indicating the material has reached a specific level. This technology is commonly used in industries to monitor and control levels of liquids and solids in tanks and vessels, offering a reliable and accurate solution for various industrial applications.

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