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    Paddle Level Switch, SPDT Contact

    Favorable price paddle level switch for sale, with SPDT contact, stainless steel blade, blade speed 1rpm, optional power supply 220V AC, 110V AC, 24V DC. This rotary paddle level sensor is used to detect and monitor the level of material in a tank, bin, or silo.
    SKU: ATO-PLS-0415
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    Paddle level switch is a level sensor used in industrial applications to monitor and control the level of bulk solids or liquids in tanks, bins, or hoppers. It consists of a paddle or blade that extends into the substance being measured. When the material reaches a certain level, it interacts with the paddle, causing it to pivot or rotate.


    • The rotary paddle level switch is supported by three bearings, it operates reliably.
    • Sealing design prevents dust from penetrating along the shaft.
    • The torque is stable and reliable, and the force is adjustable; the blades bear excessive load and the clutch automatically slips to protect the motor from damage.
    • Internal components can be easily inspected and repaired without having to dismantle the tank as a whole.
    • The junction box is IP65 designed, has good sealing performance and is reliable for outdoor installation and use.
    • Lightweight and easy to install.
    • Applicable to a wide range of industries, such as steel, cement, electricity, feed, chemical plastics, chemical fertilizers, etc.


    • Model: ATO-PLS-0415
    • Power Supply (Optional): 220V AC, 110V AC, 24V DC
    • Power Consumption: 4W
    • Contact Capacity: 250V AC, SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw)
    • Blade Speed: 1rpm
    • Torque: 1.0kg x em
    • Material Density: ≥0.5g/liter
    • Working Temperature: -10~ 80℃ (400℃ can be customized)
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ
    • Dielectric Strength: 1500V x 1min
    • Protection Level: IP65
    • Blade Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

    Torque Adjustment

    Paddle level switch torque adjustment

    Tips: What is a paddle level switch?

    A paddle level switch is a device used to detect the level of material in a tank or silo. It typically consists of a paddle or blade that extends into the vessel, and when the material reaches a certain level, it activates a switch mechanism. The switch can then be used to control other equipment or provide an alert.

    When the material in the tank or silo comes into contact with the paddle, it causes the paddle to pivot or move. This movement is sensed by the switch mechanism, triggering a response. Paddle level switches are commonly used in industrial and process applications to monitor and control the level of powders, granular materials, liquids, or bulk solids.

    These devices are useful for preventing overfilling or emptying of tanks, ensuring efficient material handling, and providing safety measures in various industrial processes. Paddle level switches are often chosen for their simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in level detection applications.

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