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    Magnetic Position Angle Sensor, Non-Contact, 0~120°

    Economical price magnetic position angle sensor for sale, non-contact, with measuring angle range from 0 to 120°. This hall effect rotary position angle sensor is a device designed to measure the angular position of an object using magnetic field sensing.
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    ATO non-contact angle sensor consists of a magnetoresistive sensor that detects changes in magnetic fields as the object rotates. As the object moves, the rotary angle sensor generates electrical signals proportional to the angle of rotation. It is commonly used in applications where precise angle measurements are required, such as in robotics, automotive systems, and industrial machinery.


    • Model: ATO-AS-TAH12
    • Supply Voltage: 5±0.2V DC
    • Output Voltage: 10%~90% of Supply Voltage
    • Output Accuracy: ±2%
    • Linearity: ≤2%
    • Output Delay: 4ms
    • Working Temperature: -40℃~+125℃
    • Storage Temperature: -40℃~+125℃
    • Protection Grade: IP67
    • Effective Electrical Angle: 77.6°
    • Mechanical Limit Angle: 120±2°
    • Reset Torque: 6.5± at 1V, 14± at 4.5V

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Magnetic position angle sensor dimension

    Output Characteristics

    Magnetic position angle sensor output characteristics

    Tips: Can magnetic angle sensors be used in harsh environments?

    Yes, magnetic rotary angle sensors can be designed and utilized in harsh environments. These sensors are often built with robust materials and sealed enclosures to withstand challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, moisture, and corrosive elements. Specialized coatings and materials are employed to protect the sensor components from environmental factors that could otherwise compromise their performance.

    In harsh industrial settings, such as those found in automotive, aerospace, or marine applications, magnetic position angle sensors with high levels of durability and reliability are essential. Manufacturers may incorporate advanced engineering techniques, such as encapsulation or hermetic sealing, to enhance the sensor's resistance to harsh conditions. Additionally, some sensors are designed to meet specific industry standards for environmental resilience, ensuring their suitability for use in demanding and adverse operating environments.

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