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    Micro Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Metal/Plastic/Glass

    Micro Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, a sophisticated instrument engineered for precise thickness measurement across a variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass, and more. The portable ultrasonic thickness gauge utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology and operates within a sound velocity range of 1000 to 9999 m/s, ensuring accurate and reliable results in diverse industrial applications.
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    Micro ultrasonic thickness gauge is an intelligent handheld device that utilizes ultrasonic measuring principles and is controlled by a microprocessor, delivering rapid and precise thickness measurements across a wide range of industrial materials. The precise ultrasonic thickness gauge is extensively employed for precise measurements of various hardware and parts in industrial settings, with a crucial application being the monitoring of thickness reduction during the operation of pressure containers and other equipment. Its versatile applications span manufacturing, metal processing, and commercial inspection fields.


    • Auto calibration to assure the accuracy.
    • Auto linear compensation: this advanced software program enhances the precision by correcting the non-linear accuracy of transducer.
    • Use and keys to make a quick adjustment for the sound velocity/thickness, and a quick recall to the stored data.
    • Coupling status indication: Observing the coupling icon to learn if the coupling is accomplished or not.
    • 10 thickness measurement storage and recall function is available.
    • Which facilitates the height work or working in wild area.
    • Sound velocity measurement: With a given thickness by a sample hardware to measure the sound velocity, which avoid the further conversion or consultation of the table.
    • 12 sound velocity for different material.
    • Low battery indication.
    • Auto power off mode designed to conserve battery power.
    • More than 10000 times long lift keys.
    • Manual power off.


    Model ATO-AS840
    Display 4-digital LCD display
    Minimum display unit 0.1mm
    Measuring range 1.2 to 225.0mm (steel)
    Working frequency 5MHz
    Accuracy ± (1%H+0.1) mm, H denotes the measured thickness
    Minimum limit for tube measuring 20*3mm (steel)
    Sound velocity range 1000 to 9999 m/s
    Measuring sound velocity with a given thickness measuring range: 1000 to 9999 m/s
    when the given thickness >20mm, the accuracy is +/-5%
    when the given thickness <20mm, the accuracy is +/-1mm/H*100%
    Operation Condition Temperature: 0°C-40°C Relative humidity: <90%RH
    Hardware/workpiece/material temperature: <60°C
    Operation current Normal operation current: 50mA
    With Backlight turn on current: 120mA
    Stand-by current: 20uA
    Packing Contents main unit ×1
    transducer ×1 (10mm 5MHz)
    coupling agent ×1 (50ml)
    4mm Sample block ×1
    Power supply 3*1.5V AA batteries (not include due to air limit)
    Minimum limit for tube measuring Ф20×3mm (steel)
    Auto Zero Calibration
    Auto linear compensation
    Coupling Indicator
    Battery Indication/Auto Power Off
    Product Net Weight/Product Size  200g/150×80.5×34mm

    (Kindly Reminder: Battery and Couplant is Not Included if Shipped By Air.)

    Table of sound velocity (Sound velocity of common materials)

    Material Velocity (m/s) Material Velocity (m/s)
    Aluminum     6320 Acetate resin  2670
    Zinc 4170 Phosphor bronze 3530
    Silver 3600 Turpentine 4430
    Glod 3240 Glass 5440
    Tin 3230 Incoloy alloy 5720
    Iron/Steel 5900 Magnesium 6310
    Brass 4640 Monel alloy 6020
    Copper 4700 Nickle 5630
    SUS 5790 Steel 4330 mild 5850
    Acrylic resin      2730 Steel 330 5660
    Water 20C  1480 Titanium 6070
    Glycerinl   1920    Zirconium 4650
    soluble glass 2350 Nylon  2620

    Tips: Applications of micro ultrasonic thickness gauge

    High precision ultrasonic thickness gauges are indispensable instruments across a wide array of industries, offering precise measurements of material thickness through the transmission and reflection of ultrasonic waves. In manufacturing, they ensure consistent product quality by verifying thickness in metal sheets, pipes, and components, while in maintenance, they play a crucial role in monitoring structural integrity and detecting corrosion or erosion in tanks, vessels, pipelines, and infrastructure. These gauges are essential in aerospace for evaluating aircraft components, in automotive for assessing vehicle body panels and engine parts, and in the marine sector for inspecting hulls and offshore structures. Additionally, they support the energy sector by monitoring pipeline thickness and in construction for evaluating concrete structures. Their versatility extends to food and beverage industries for quality assurance in packaging materials. By facilitating non-destructive testing and preventive maintenance, ultrasonic thickness gauges contribute significantly to safety, reliability, and operational efficiency across diverse industrial applications globally.

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