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    Nema 11 Stepper Motor Linear Actuator, 2 phase, 2.66V, 0.95A

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    2-phase 1.8 degree Nema 11 stepper motor linear actuator is available in non-captive, external shaft options. 2.66V rated voltage and 0.95A rated current, 8mm screw diameter and 8mm/rev lead, delivering long life, high accuracy in a extremely compact package and low cost.
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    2 phase 2.66V, 0.95A Nema 11 Stepper Motor Linear Actuator with excellent quality and resonable price. To meet the needs of a wide range of linear motion applications, two stepper motor linear actuator styles are available:
    Non-captive shaft has a threaded shaft that extends through the motor and moves axially as the motor rotates.
    External shaft has a rotating screw, integral to the motor's rotor, that moves the nut axially along the threaded shaft.
    Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Specification

    Model External Shaft Non-Captive Shaft
    28H32-0956AST 28H32-0956GTS
    Weight 3 kg
    Length 32 mm
    Screw Diameter 8 mm (0.315 inch)
    Screw Lead 8 mm/rev (0.315 inch/rev)
    Travel Per 1.8 Step 0.04 mm/step (0.00157 inch/step)
    Phase 2 phase
    Step Angle 1.8°
    Rated Voltage 2.66 V
    Rated Current 0.95 A
    Resistance 2.8 Ω
    Holding Torque 6 Oz-in
    Number of Leads 6
    Rotor Inertia 9 g-cm2

    Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Dimension (Unit=mm)

    1. Non-captive shaft style
    nema 11 non captive shaft stepper motor linear actuator dimension


    2. External shaft style
    nema 11 external shaft stepper motor linear actuator dimension



    2.66V Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Details

    Tips: What is a stepper motor linear actuator?
    Stepper motor linear actuator is a driving unit which converts electric pulsing signal into microstep linear motion. It adopts a stepper motor as a rotating power source and transforms rotating motion into linear motion through screw type motion. It is a device that can  replace a rotating stepper motor directly, and finally get linear motion through a set of intermediate conversion mechanism.
    Stepper motor linear actuator has simple structure and needs no intermediate conversion device. The movable part is light in weight, small in inertia and no accumulative positioning error. It is an ideal linear driving device with high positioning accuracy. The hybrid linear stepper motor is developing rapidly and has been widely applied in many fields, such as numerical control machine, autoplotter, computer device, robot, precision meter, transmission apparatus, automatic door opening and detection control.

    ATO external stepper linear actuator in this video is 2 phase 4 wire comes in Nema 23 frame size. We will show you how to use PLC connect to the hybrid stepper motor system, and control this external stepper motor linear actuator for simple forward and reverse motion by the pulse and direction command issued by PLC.

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    From: Hsmith | Date: 06/01/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, sure you can.
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