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    Nema 14 Micro Stepper Motor, 12V, 4 Phase, Bipolar

    Good price 4 phase micro stepper motor for sale, size in Nema 14 (Ф35mm). Rated voltage 12V, current 0.6A, resistance 20Ω, high torque 60 mN-m, stepping angle 7.5 degree. Miniature bipolar stepper motor with metal gear, cheap and wide applications.
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    4 phase micro stepper motor has size of Nema 14 (diameter 35mm). Working voltage DC 12V, rated current 0.6Amp, resistance 20Ω, stepping angle 7.5°. Miniature bipolar stepper motor with metal gear, widely used in medical equipment, printer, scanner, automotive meter, sewing machine, security systems and other applications.

    Specification Datasheet

    Model ATO-SM3501
    Rated Voltage 12V
    Rated Current 0.6A
    Resistance 20Ω
    Phase 4 Phase
    Stepping Angle 7.5°
    Excitation Method 2
    Pull-in Torque 18.0 mN-m (200 pps)
    Pull-out Torque 23.0 mN-m (200 pps)
    Holding Torque 60.0 mN-m (0 pps)
    Max. Continuous Response Frequency 400 pps
    Max. Starting Frequency 350 pps
    Drive Mode Bipolar Drive
    Ambient Temperature 0℃~55℃
    Insulation Resistance 500VDC 100MΩ min
    Insulation Grade E

    Phase Sequence Excitation & Dimensions Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Connector PIN Location
    PIN No. Color CCW←→CW
    (Seen from flange side)
    1 White - - - - COM
    2 Orange ON - - ON A
    3 Brown - - ON ON B
    4 Red - ON ON - A
    5 Yellow ON ON - - B

    Dimensions of Nema 14 Micro Geared Stepper Motor, 12V, 4 Phase


    Nema 14 Micro Stepper Motor Details

    Tips: How to solve the noise problem for Nema 14 micro stepper motor?

    1. If stator and rotor of the Nema 14 micro stepper motor collide with each other and make a harsh chatter noise, it should be a bearing problem. Replace with new bearings.
    2. If you hear the sound of grumbling noise, it means that the bearing is seriously short of oil. Clean the bearings and add oil.
    3. If the noise of Nema 14 micro stepper motor is extremely loud, it is possible due to phase failure of the motor, or a phase of the switch and contactor contacts is not connected. Turn off the power first and then switch on to see if it can start normally again. If it fails to start, then one phase of the fuse may be broken.
    4. If fan blade hits the shell or there is debris, it will produce a noise similar to the impact. Remove the debris near the blades of Nema 14 micro stepper motor.
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