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    Nema 17 Stepper motor, 4V 0.95A, 1.8 degree, 2 phase 6 wires

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    High quality and favorable price Nema 17 4V, 0.95A, 2 phase 6 wires stepper motor which has 1.8 degree per step for smooth motion and a nice holding torque, direct sale by manufacturer.
    SKU: ATO-STEP-3317095
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    This is a high precision 6-wire 2 phase stepper motor, 4V 0.95A, size in Nema 17, with 1.8 deg. step angle (200 steps/rev), body in 33mm, perfect for many applications.


    Electrical Specification Model ATO33-0956A
    Matched the Driver Model ATODSP42 (Click it to see more info)
    Step Angle 1.8°
    Holding Torque 1.58kg-cm(22oz-in)
    Voltage 4V
    Rated Current/phase 0.95A
    Phase Resistance 4.2Ω
    Inductance 4mH
    Rotor Inertia 35g-cm2
    Physical Specification Frame Size 42 x 42mm
    Length 33mm
    Shaft Diameter Φ5mm
    Shaft Length 22mm
    Motor Leads 6
    Weight 0.22kg
    Technical Parameters Step Angle Accuracy ±5% (full step, no load)
    Resistance Accuracy ±10%
    Inductance Accuracy ±20%
    Temperature Rise 80℃ Max. (rated current, 2 phase on)
    Ambient Temperature -10℃~+50℃
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min. 500VDC
    Dielectric Strength 1Min. 500VAC·5mA
    Shaft Radial Play 0.06Max. 450g
    Shaft Axial Play 0.08Max. 450g
    Quality Assurance Warranty Period 12 months
    Certificate CE, ROHs, ISO/SGS9001

    Nema 17 Stepper Motor Dimension (Unit=mm)

    Nema 17 stepper motors dimension

    L1=24mm, Lmax=33mm

    Nema 17 Stepper Motor Wiring Diagram

    Nema 17 stepper motors wiring diagramTips: Whether the subdivision number of subdivided driver can represent accuracy?
    4-phase hybrid stepper motor is generally started with 2-phase driver. Therefore, 4-phase motor can be used after connecting into 2-phase one through series or parallel connection. The series connection is generally used when the motor generally rotates at low velocity. At this time, the output current of driver should be 0.7 times of phase current of motor. Therefore, motor heating is small. By contrast, the parallel connection is generally used when the motor rotates at high velocity (also called high-velocity connection). At this time, the output current of the driver should be 1.4 times of the phase current of the motor. Therefore, the motor heating is large.

    Existing reviews of Nema 17 Stepper motor, 4V 0.95A, 1.8 degree, 2 phase 6 wires
    An excellent value
    These nema 17 stepper motors were quite in operation, and the holding torque seemed to be even a little better than spec. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase, and will buy again for my next project.
    From: Chean | Date: 23/05/2022
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