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    Nema 23 2-phase Stepper Motor, 3A, 1.8 degree, 6 wires

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    Favorable price stepper motor, phase current 3A, holding torque of 1.35Nm, 1.8 deg. step angle, size in Nema 23, new motor in perfect working condition and direct sale by manufacturer.
    SKU: ATO-STEP-762303
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    Nema 23 Stepper motor, 1.35Nm in 76mm, 1.8 degree, 2 phase 6 wires, manufacturer direct sale.


    Electrical Specification Model ATO57STH76-3006
    Matched Driver Model ATODSP57(Click it to see more info)
    Step Angle 1.8°
    Holding Torque 1.35Nm
    Rated Current/phase 3A
    Phase Resistance
    Inductance 1.6mH
    Rotor Inertia 440g-cm2
    Physical Specification Frame Size 57 x 57mm
    Length 76mm
    Shaft Diameter Φ6.35mm
    Shaft Length 19mm
    Motor Leads 6
    Weight 1.1kg
    Technical Parameters Step Angle Accuracy ±5% (full step, no load)
    Resistance Accuracy ±10%
    Inductance Accuracy ±20%
    Temperature Rise 80℃ Max. (rated current, 2 phase on)
    Ambient Temperature -20℃~+50℃
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min. 500VDC
    Dielectric Strength 500V AC for one minute
    Shaft Radial Play 0.02Max. 450g
    Shaft Axial Play 0.08Max. 450g
    Quality Assurance Warranty Period 12 months
    Certificate CE, ROHs, ISO/SGS9001

    Nema 23 Stepper Motor Dimensions: (Unit=mm)

    NEMA 23 hybrid stepper motor dimensionsL Max=76mm

    Nema 23 Stepper Motor Wiring Diagram

    NEMA 23 hybrid stepper motor wiring diagram

    Tips: Application of stepper motor in car testing

    As for testing of numerous car braking elements, booster assembly of brake master cylinder in hydraulic brake system and brake vale in pneumatic brake system, it is necessary to use ball screw of motor drive in the test system to simulate the actual braking process of car brake by stepping on the brake pedal. Ball screw drives the master cylinder brake valve to reach various working conditions necessary for car brake so that various performance indexes can be tested. Meanwhile, there is no accumulated error in stepper motor during its motion the following performance is good as the angular displacement is in strictly and direct proportional to the input pulse. Therefore, the stepper motor is the actuating element with good performance in car brake element test system. System hardware is comprised of displacement sensor, force sensor and stepper motor. The IPC and data acquisition card is used to control core.
    Stepper motor drives ball screw through coupler to constitute augmentor; install force sensor on front end of screw mandrill to measure “input force of the test piece” of the output torque of stepper motor, control the start, forward and backward, stop of the stepper motor with IPC, and control the forward and backward speed according to the test program, measure the displacement of the stepper motor with displacement sensor, and indicate corresponding data of force and displacement through display, and then judge whether the air brake valve is qualified or not according to the related industrial standard.

    Existing reviews of Nema 23 2-phase Stepper Motor, 3A, 1.8 degree, 6 wires
    Strong nema 23 stepper motor
    These are great nema 23 stepper motors and they are very strong. I purchased six of these and I use them to build a prototype. These are definetely recommended for whatever you are going to do with them.
    From: Shaun | Date: 25/05/2022
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