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    Noise Sensor, Louvre Box Type, RS485

    High performance noise sensor louvre box type with RS485 interface, support MODBUS-RTU protocol. Digital noise meter with wide measuring range, 30db to 130db, 0.5db resolution. Accuracy up to ±5%, A-weighted. Wide frequency range, covering 10-20KHz, suitable for harsh environments.
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    The newly launched noise detection sensor louvre box type, with RS485 interface and MODBUS-RTU protocol, is an advanced digital noise meter type. It has a wide measuring range from 30db to 130db with a high resolution of 0.5db and a reliable accuracy of only ±5% (A-weighted). The wide frequency range covers 10-20KHz to meet diversified measurement needs. Supports time-weighted F function to ensure more accurate and reliable measurement data. Wide range of operating temperature, from -20℃ to 70℃, suitable for various scenarios. The relative humidity range is 25% to 90%, and the air pressure is between 65KPa and 108KPa. With its excellent performance and stability, this noise sensor is ideal for your environmental monitoring.


    Model ATO-NS-LBT485
    Interface Method RS485
    Protocol MODBUS-RTU
    Type Digital noise meter
    Measuring Range 30db~130db
    Resolution 0.5db
    Accuracy ±%5, A-weighted
    Frequency Range 10-20KHz
    Time Weighting F
    Operating Temperature -20~70
    Relative Humidity 25%~90%
    Air Pressure 65KPa~108KPa
    Lead Length 2.5m



    • Noise detection sensor is a noise monitor using industrial standards, designed for industrial site noise testing needs, compatible with monitoring system for noise monitoring on a fixed point 24 hours.
    • RS485 communication, using Modbu-RTU protocol standard, communication address and baud rate can be set, baud rate 9600bps.
    • Noise detector with high integration, high precision and small error, high quality lightweight 6-layer louvered box structure, small volume, light weight, rain and snow-proof appearance, high-tech high-quality UV-resistant material, which can effectively prevent the rapid aging under harsh conditions.


    Noise sensor louvre box type rs485 detailsApplication

    Noise sensor louvre box type rs485 applications

    Tips: Advanced Noise Sensor: Louvre Box Type with RS485 Technology

    In modern society, the monitoring of environmental noise has become more and more important, and advanced noise sensors have become a key tool with their efficient and accurate performance.Louvre Box type noise sensors are a unique design with a louvered enclosure, which not only protects the sensor from external interference, but also captures the environmental noise data effectively.

    In terms of connectivity, noise sensors are made even more flexible by the use of RS485 technology, which offers the advantages of long-distance communication and high immunity to interference, allowing noise sensors to be easily integrated into a variety of monitoring systems. The use of this technology makes Louvre

    Box type noise sensors suitable for complex environments such as industrial areas or urban monitoring.
    In addition, Louvre Box noise sensors are highly accurate in their measurement capabilities, capturing noise at different frequencies. Their stability and reliability make them ideal for use in areas such as urban planning, environmental protection and traffic management.

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