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    Pressure Switch, 0.1 to 20 Bar

    Good price pressure switch with 0.1-20 bar pressure range can be chosen, NO/ NC two contact forms, ±0.2 bar/ ±0.3 bar/ ±0.05 bar/ ±1 bar precision. It has the advantages of flexible installation, convenient use, strong independence and long service life.
    SKU: ATO-PS-LF703
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    Pressure switch with cheap price, which features 250VAC/ 24VDC max voltage, max current 4A, 300 bar burst pressure.


    Model LF703
    Pressure range 0.1-1 bar/ 1-5 bar/ 1-10 bar/ 10-20 bar
    Precision ±0.2 bar/ ±0.3 bar/ ±0.05 bar/ ±1 bar
    Contact form NO/ NC
    Connection thread 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, G1/8, G1/4, 1/4 copper tube
    Diaphragm type NBR/ FKM/ EPDM/ HNBR
    Body material Zinc-plated steel/ stainless steel
    Contact material Silver cadmium alloy (can be gold plated)
    Max voltage 250VAC/ 24VDC
    Max current 4A
    Working temperature range -40℃~+100℃ (baesd on different diaphragm)
    Life endurance 10
    Eletrical life endurance 10
    Pollution situation Normal
    IP level IP65
    Max working pressure 150 bar
    Burst pressure 300 bar
    Certificate CE, RoHS, REACH
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimensions (mm)

    Dimension of pressure switch

    Tips: How to Operation Pressure Switch?
    1. Set up the method of controlling pressure
    (1) Short press the (ON/OFF) run key to turn off the run indicator, and the pressure control system is closed.
    (2) Set the upper/lower limit of control
    Short press the SET button once to enter the lower limit setting state (corresponding to the lower limit indicator light), set the value through (▲) (▼), after setting the lower limit, short press the SET button to enter the upper limit setting, the setting method is the same as above.
    (3) After the setting is completed, press the SET button to automatically save the set value into the computer chip (after the parameter is modified, no key operation within 5 seconds will automatically save the current parameter setting).
    (4) Press the (ON/ OFF) run key again (the corresponding run indicator light is on), and the motor starts to work.
    2. Unit switching method: short press the (ON/ OFF) run key to turn off the run indicator, and short press the increase key (▲) to switch the unit between MPa, Kg/cm, and PSI at will. Turn on the running indicator after the setting is complete.
    3. Zero clearing function: short press the (ON/ OFF) run key to turn off the run indicator, and long press the down button (▼) for 5 seconds to clear the current pressure value to zero and correct the zero error. Turn on the running indicator after the setting is complete. (The pressure switch must not apply pressure when using this function.)

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