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    Pressure Switch, 0.2 to 400 Bar, 1NO+1NC

    Cost-effective preesure with 0.2-1 bar/ 1-5 bar/ 1-10 bar/ 10-20 bar/ 20-50 bar/ 50-150 bar/ 100-200 bar/ 200-400 bar bar pressure range for selection, four connection can be chosen, 250VAC/ 24VDC max voltage, 4A max current. It has the advantages of flexible installation, convenient use, strong independence and long service life.
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    Lower price pressure switch with 1NO+1NC contact form, 150 bar max working pressure, 600 bar burst pressure.


    Model LF7027
    Pressure range 0.2-1 bar/ 1-5 bar/ 1-10 bar/ 10-20 bar/ 20-50 bar/ 50-150 bar/ 100-200 bar/ 200-400 bar
    Connection thread 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, G1/8, G1/4
    Body material Zinc-plated steel/ stainless steel
    Contact form 1NO+1NC
    Max voltage 250VAC/ 24VDC
    Max current 4A
    Life endurance 10
    Eletrical life endurance 10
    Poluution situation Normal
    IP level IP65
    Max working pressure 150 bar
    Burst pressure 600 bar
    Certificate CE, RoHS, REACH
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimensions (mm)

    Dimension of pressure switch

    Tips: Precautions of Using Pressure Switch.

    Pressure switches are widely used in the high and low pressure protection control of household, commercial, and automobile refrigeration systems, steam conditions and power stations; accumulators, receivers, flash tanks, separators, scrubbers, oil refining devices. It can also be applied to the high and low pressure protection control of various equipment and tools. But in the selection of pressure switch, the following points must be paid attention to:
    1. The necessity of explosion-proof: explosion-proof forms are divided into explosion-proof type and intrinsically safe type, and most of Nagano products are explosion-proof type.
    2. Whether you need to bring instructions: according to customer instructions.
    3. Number of contacts: one contact (one output) or two contacts (two outputs).
    4. Determination of setting value and pressure range: The recommended setting range is between 30% and 65% of the pressure range, and the setting range is between 15% and 90% of the pressure range.
    5. The form of differential connection: adjustable or fixed.
    6. Whether there is pulsation: If the pressure is pulsating or vibrating, a throttle valve is required to suppress the damage of the pulsating pressure to the instrument.
    7. The occasion with diaphragm: when measuring corrosiveness, high viscosity or high temperature, it is necessary to select a diaphragm.

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