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    Safety Interlock Switch, 10A/500VAC, 4A/24VDC

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    Safety interlock switches are mainly used for locking/detecting the guard door of mechanical equipment. They have 2/3/6 groups of contacts, a magnet coil with rated voltage DC 24V and a key with optional shapes. Safety door switch has contact capacity AC-15 10A/500VAC and DC-13 4A/24VDC. Safety interlock switch with protection class IP67 has waterproof connector or circular connector to choose. Some model has a guard door lock. The cable length can be also customizable.
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    Safety interlock switch for locking/detecting guard door, with contact capacity AC-15 10A/500VAC and DC-13 4A/24VDC, protection class IP67.


    Dimension *
    41*39*239mm 37*88.5*111mm 30.6*31*110mm
    Contact type NC/NC 2NC+NO/2NC+NO 2NC+NO
    Magnet coil Rated voltage DC 24V (+10%, -15%) DC 24V (+10%, -15%) DC 24V (+10%, -15%)
    Rated current 0.4A 0.4A 0.4A
    Insulation Class B Class B Class B
    Contact capacity Resistive load (AC-12) 4A/250VAC 4A/250VAC 4A/250VAC
    Inductive load (AC-15) 2A/250VAC 2A/250VAC 2A/250VAC
    Resistive load (DC-12) 2A/30VDC, 0.8A/250VDC 2A/30VDC, 0.8A/250VDC 2A/30VDC, 0.8A/250VDC
    Inductive load (DC-13) 1A/30VDC, 0.4A/250VDC 1A/30VDC, 0.4A/250VDC 1A/30VDC, 0.4A/250VDC
    Indicator Rated voltage - DC 24V (+10%, -15%) -
    Rated current - 7mA -
    Color - Green -
    Key type* Z1: Horizontal straight key;
    Z2: Wide horizontal straight key;
    L1: L-shape key; H: Adjustable horizontal key
    Z2: Wide horizontal straight key;
    L2: Wide L-shape key;
    H: Adjustable horizontal key
    Z2: Wide horizontal straight key;
    L2: Wide L-shape key;
    H: Adjustable horizontal key
    Connection * 1: Waterproof connector;
    2: Circular connector;
    3: No connector
    1: Waterproof connector;
    2: Circular connector;
    3: No connector
    1: Waterproof connector;
    3: No connector
    Direction of cable outlet * B: Back; R: Right; L: Left B: Back; R: Right B: Back
    Cable length * 1.5m, 3m, 5m (customizable)
    Protection class IP67
    Guard door lock Yes Yes No
    Locking force 2000N 1300N -

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select corresponding parameters in drop-down lists according to specification for every model.

    Safety interlock switch dimension (unit: mm):
    Safety interlock switch for guard door dimension
    Key dimension (unit: mm):
    Key of magnetic safety door switch dimensional drawing
    Tips: What is a safety interlock switch?
    A safety interlock switch is a switch that prevents access to a hazardous area until the danger is removed, or automatically removes a dangerous state once it is touched.
    The safety interlock switch should contain two concepts: First, for safety. Second, it must be linked with equipment, machinery and other control devices.
    Safety interlock switches are widely used in the field of industrial safety. A large number of hazards are exposed in the factory: rotating wheels, moving levers, etc. If there is no additional protection settings, workers are directly exposed to such hazards, which may lead to Industrial accidents. In order to avoid such accidents, you can choose to add additional protective devices, such as: using a protective cover to make in the form of a door to isolate the moving and rotating parts from the workers. This kind of safety door can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents, but it is still unavoidable, because the protective device may still be removed or opened. In order to prevent such a situation, adding a safety interlock switch connected to the power switch of the equipment on the protective cover can achieve the following two functions:

    1. The equipment cannot be started when the safety door is opened or removed.
    2. When the equipment is running, once the safety door is opened, the equipment will stop directly.
    Existing reviews of Safety Interlock Switch, 10A/500VAC, 4A/24VDC
    High-quality 10A/500VAC safety interlock switch
    Arrived on schedule, installation and function as described. I am very happy to be able to use such a high-quality 10A/500VAC safety interlock switch.
    From: Melissar | Date: 18/10/2021
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