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    SDM20GA 20mm Linear Ball Bushing

    Bearing inner diameter is 20mm with a size of 20x32x42. Chrome steel ball retainer equipped with 4 ball circuits. Dynamic load rating (Cr) is 882N and static load rating (Cor) is 1370N. Strengthened by heat treated alloy steel shell. With minimal friction in ball rotation and small load capacity. Lightweight and precise. Open types are also offered for option.
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    These ball bushings are compact, quiet and cost-effective linear motion components for high-precision applications. Bearing inner diameter is 32mm and the bearing is 42 mm long. The point contact between the load balls and the cylinder axis render the bearing suited for low load speed movement.


    SDM type dimension

    Nominal shaft diameter Resin retainer Major dimensions and tolerance
    SDM Ball circuit Weight SDM...AJ Ball circuit Weight SDM...OP Ball circuit Weight dr Tolerance
    Precision High
    16mm SDM16GM 4 76g LM16UU-AJ 4 75g SDM16OP 3 58g 16mm 0
    20mm SDM20GM 5 100g LM20UU-AJ 5 98g SDM20OP 4 79g 20mm 0
    25mm SDM25GM 6 240g LM25UU-AJ 6 237g SDM25OP 5 203g 25mm
    30mm SDM30GM 6 270g LM30UU-AJ 6 262g SDM30OP 5 228g 30mm
    35mm SDM35GM 6 425g LM35UU-AJ 6 420g SDM35OP 5 355g 35mm 0
    40mm SDM40GM 6 654g LM40UU-AJ 6 640g SDM40OP 5 546g 40mm
    50mm SDM50GM 6 1700g LM50UU-AJ 6 1680g SDM50OP 5 1420g 50mm
    60mm SDM60GM 6 2000g LM60UU-AJ 6 1980g SDM60OP 5 1650g 60mm 0
    80mm SDM80GM 6 4520g LM80UU-AJ 6 4400g SDM80OP 5 3750g 80mm
    100mm SDM100GM 6 8600g LM100UU-AJ 6 8540g SDM100OP 5 7200g 100mm 0


    Major dimensions and tolerance Eccentricity Radial clearance (Max) Basic load rating
    D L B W D1 h h1 θ
    mm Tolerance mm Tolerance mm Tolerance Precision High Dynamic  Static
    28 0
    37 0
    26.5 0
    1.6mm 27mm 1.5mm 11mm 80° 8μm 12μm -6μm 774c N 1180co N
    32 0
    42 30.5 1.6mm 30.5mm 1.5mm 11mm 60° 10μm 15μm 882cN 1370co N
    40 59 0
    41 0
    1.85mm 38mm 2mm 12mm 50° 980c N 1570co N
    45 64 44.5 1.85mm 43mm 2.5mm 15mm 50° -8μm 1570c N 2740co N
    52 0
    70 49.5 2.1mm 49mm 2.5mm 17mm 50° 12μm 20μm 1670c N 3140co N
    60 80 60.5 2.1mm 57mm 3mm 20mm 50° -10μm 2160c N 4020co N
    80 100 74 2.6mm 76.5mm 3mm 25mm 50° -13μm 3820c N 7940co N
    90 0
    110 85 3.15mm 86.5mm 3mm 30mm 50° 17μm 25μm 4700c N 10000co N
    120 140 0
    105.5 0
    4.15mm 116mm 3mm 40mm 50° -20μm 7350c N 16000co N
    150 0
    175 125.5 4.15mm 145mm 3mm 50mm 50° 20μm 30μm 14100c N 34800co N

    Tips: Five Reasons for Using A Ball Bushing in Linear Motion Applications

    1. Simple Working Mechanism
      Ball bushings are designed with mechanism that features the rolling motion of ball elements. The fact that linear motion is achieved with simple mechanism enables the linear bushing to be used in various applications, such as food processing, transportation, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.
    2. Smooth Movement
      The outer housing of a linear ball bushing bearing includes a ball retainer which is delicately designed to maintain the circulation of ball elements, offering smooth linear motion.
    3. Compact Design
      Linear ball bushings produce linear motion using a round shaft as the guiding axis for saving space, resulting in compact designs.
    4. Less Friction
      Ball raceway surface is precision processed. Thanks to the minimized contact area between steel balls and the raceway surface, linear ball bushing bearings provide lower friction than other linear motion mechanisms. 
    5. Plentiful Shapes and Mounting Methods
      Linear ball bushings boast lots of types, including standard, closed, open, flanged, clearance-adjustable and many more so as to meet a wide range of application requirements.
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