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    Single Phase AC Modular Voltmeter, Din Rail Mount

    Purchase economical price single phase AC modular voltmeter online, voltage display range from 80VAC to 500VAC, 35mm DIN rail mount. This digital panel voltage meter is a versatile electrical measurement device designed for accurately measuring voltage in 1 phase alternating current (AC) systems.
    SKU: ATO-BV-1R
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    Single phase modular voltmeter features a compact design with easily replaceable or interchangeable modules, providing flexibility and convenience for users. Its primary function is to display and quantify voltage levels in single-phase AC circuits, making it a practical choice for technicians, engineers, and professionals working with single phase AC systems.


    • Model: ATO-BV-1R
    • Voltage Display Range: AC 80~500V
    • Frequency Compatibility Range: 50~60Hz
    • Installation Method: DIN 35mm standard rail
    • Digital Display Color: red
    • Accuracy: ±2%V
    • Display Resolution: 1V
    • Sampling Rate: about 1 time/s
    • Input Loop Power Consumption: <2VA

    Note: This modular voltmeter is prohibited from being used in strong-frequency, variable-frequency, or high-frequency power supply environments. Suitable for sine wave 50~60Hz AC power frequency.


    Single phase modular voltmeter dimension

    Wiring Method

    Type PZ1:4mm
    Strip Length 9mm
    Circuit Control Loop
    Torque 0.8N.m
    Hard Wire 1.5~6mm2
    Flexible Core Terminal Block 1~4mm2

    Tips: What is a modular voltmeter?

    A modular voltmeter is a measuring device designed for voltage detection, commonly used in electronic and electrical applications. What sets it apart is its modular design, consisting of interchangeable and independent modules that can be customized based on specific measurement requirements. These modules may include input channels, signal conditioning components, and display units. The modular approach allows users to assemble a voltmeter tailored to their needs by selecting and combining the necessary modules. This flexibility enhances versatility, making the voltmeter suitable for various voltage measurement scenarios. Additionally, modular voltmeters often offer scalability, enabling users to expand or upgrade their measurement capabilities as needed. Overall, the modular voltmeter provides a versatile and adaptable solution for accurate voltage measurements in diverse settings.

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