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    6 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells

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    6 digit display controller can be used with load cells, force sensors and weighing sensors, 4-20mA or 0-10V transmitting signal output. This digital panel meter can display gross, net, peak and valley value alternately. Software with RS485 communication cable is available, allowing you to log the data on a PC.
    SKU: ATO-DPM-DY800
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    A 6 digit display controller is a device designed to control and drive a 6 digit display unit, which can cooperate with load cells, force sensors and weighing sensors to use. It serves as the interface between the display unit and an external system, such as a microcontroller or a computer.


    • Model: ATO-DPM-DY800 (Click it to view user manual)
    • Power Supply Voltage: 10~30V DC/ 80~265V AC
    • Measurement Accuracy: <0.01%
    • Measuring Speed: 5~320Hz
    • Temperature Drift: <10ppm
    • Display Scale: - 99999~999999
    • Transmission Output: 0~10V, 4-20mA
    • Communication Rate: 2400~115200
    • Switch Output: 6-Way Relay Normally Open Node Output
    • Switch Input: 2-Way Open Input
    • Node Drive Capability: 3A/250V AC or 30V DC (Resistive Load)
    • Measurement Channel: 5V Power Supply
    • Working Environment: - 20~ 70°C
    • Relative Humidity: <90% (No Condensation)

    Note: You can use software + RS485 communication cable to log/record the data on a PC.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    6 digit display controller dimension

    Key Description

    key K1 K2 K3 K4
    Key Frame Long press to enter parameter modification Long press to enter calibration Page turning Long press to press the zero clearance
    Parameter Modification Save and go to the next parameter Quit Add Right shift
    Demarcate Out Calibration factor / Clear
    Interface Testing Select next function Out Output modification Select

    Tips: How does a 6 digit display controller work with load cells?

    A 6-digit display controller is typically used to interface with load cells for measuring weight or force. Load cells are transducers that convert a physical force into an electrical signal. The display controller receives this electrical signal from the load cells and processes it to provide a readable weight or force measurement on a 6-digit display. How a 6-digit display controller works with load cells?

    • Load Cell Interface: The load cells are connected to the display controller through appropriate wiring. Load cells typically have multiple wires for power supply and signal transmission. The exact wiring configuration depends on the specific load cell and display controller being used.
    • Amplification and Signal Conditioning: The electrical signal generated by the load cells is usually very weak and needs amplification and conditioning for accurate measurement. The display controller includes an amplifier and signal conditioning circuitry to strengthen and stabilize the load cell signal. This ensures that the measured weight or force is accurate and reliable.
    • Analog-to-Digital Conversion: After amplification and conditioning, the analog signal from the load cells is converted into a digital format suitable for processing by the display controller. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is employed for this purpose. The ADC samples the analog signal at regular intervals and converts it into a digital value that represents the weight or force being measured.
    • Data Processing: Once the analog signal is converted into a digital format, the display controller processes the data to calculate the weight or force value. This may involve applying calibration factors, performing linearization, and implementing any necessary algorithms for the specific load cell and measurement requirements. The processed data is typically stored in the controller's memory for display purposes.
    • Display Output: The display controller drives the 6 digit display to show the measured weight or force value in a human-readable format. The display may be comprised of seven-segment LED displays or other suitable technologies. The controller updates the display continuously or at regular intervals to reflect any changes in the measured value.
    Existing reviews of 6 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells
    Confuse the sensitivity
    This is for prototyping and testing of a product that we are planning to go to production with.

    Regarding the sensitivity of the DYHW-120 load cell:

    The data sheet that came with the product, says 0.9mV/V

    On ATO's website, it says 3mV/V

    On Amazon, it says 2.0 mV/V  /- 10%.

    Can you advise how we can know the correct value so that we may properly progarm our boards?
    From: Clare | Date: 24/10/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The sensitivity is Not fixed and can be used above 0.5MV/V. We have already calibrated it for you when it leaves the factory. The sensitivity is based on the nameplate label diagram of the sensor.
    I have a few question of controller
    Apologies for the questions, just about ready to order a test set-up but wanted to make sure it seems reasonable.
    We are trying to measure displacement vs a load of a pipe being uplifted through the soil. The setup is very similar to the one below.
    We are hoping to use the following:
    500kg load cell (S type) (
    RS485 Communication cable to PC – custom order
    Recommended software to read data on a computer -custom order
    Electric Linear Actuator (4000N, 450mm stroke) (
    Actuator relay switch for operation
    The main question with this is:  I am hoping to measure displacement and load at the same time. Can I attain displacement information from this actuator or any ATO actuator?
    If so, how could I route this to a computer?
    Also, is there a way to control the speed of the actuator?
    Hoping to utilize around 1mm/s.
    From: lolly | Date: 01/08/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. If you want to record the measurement data of a 500kg load cell (S type) to PC, you can use the DY800 meter. Via RS485 Communication cable to PC, but when reading data, the load cell should be in a stable state, not in the process of pulling.
    2. Electric Linear Actuator (4000N, 450mm stroke) can be configured with Hall signal feedback, and you can calculate the displacement by reading the Hall signal.
    But currently, we do not have a matching controller and software that can record displacement data on a PC. Also, our controller cannot control the running speed of the Linear Actuator. The running speed of this Linear Actuator is about 3-4mm/s, not 1mm/s.
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